Console Monster: Lips Preview

Console Monster's David Wriglesworth writes: "The Xbox 360 may have been lacking in the casual game department recently, but when Lips was confirmed at E3 2008, my faith in the department grew. If I'm honest, the Lips trailer is one of the only trailers I remember watching at the conference back in July.

The trailer showed a party with a man and a woman sitting at either end of a sofa. The man then picks up the wireless microphone and starts to sing along to Peter, Bjorn & John's 'Young Folks'. He then hands her a microphone and the two start a duet of the song. Another lady then connects a Zune to the console and the woman, still holding the microphone from before, sings along.

From this trailer alone we learnt that the ability to connect a digital music player would be present and it was confirmed that the game will feature vocal reduction and will score players based on their performance..."

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