360 Gets Another Price Cut Down Under

This year has seen Microsoft's Xbox 360 drop in price globally, with the console's retail price cut in Asia, the UK, the US and Australia. It seems the price slashes aren't over for 2008--at least not for Australia.

Less than six months after the last price drop down under, Microsoft has once again cut the cost of an Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 Arcade unit--which was retailing for A$349 ($234)--is now A$299. The Pro bundle--which includes a 60GB hard drive--drops from A$499 to A$399. The 120GB Elite also gets A$100 slashed off its price, coming down from A$649 to A$549.

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BrunoM3626d ago

Wow these is turning stupid .. i mean its good that the price goes down (specialy there the 360 here in canada AkA North America) is 199 so yeahh ...

But is stupid now i dont know aobut the othe gamers (people) but i kinda dont like wen i go on a store and theres lets say an mp3 player for 50 bucks and one ofr 150 and people tell me is the same ( it cant be the same the 150 one will last longer and would have more to it id think) so ya for a company to keep doing what microsoft is doing is just stupid and looks bad ..

but thats just what i think

Egzekutor3626d ago

Wow they are desperate ^_^

Immortal Kaim3626d ago

How did this get approved, there is already a story on the price drop?