GamesRadar: Guitar Hero World Tour Review

GamesRadar writes: "It looks like competing "tap the buttons as colored gems move across the screen in time with music" games Rock Band and Guitar Hero have started the kind of annual rivalry usually reserved for sports fans. So, despite the fact that the series is still called Guitar Hero, this year's big innovation is the addition of drummers and singers (and the accompanying $180 bundle pack). It's tempting to deride the series for copying Rock Band 2, but it's really just a natural evolution of this genre. Besides, Guitar Hero: World Tour actually trumps RB2 in a few key areas."

You'll love

* Great drum kit, really good guitar
* Strum notes, slide sections
* Recording studio

You'll hate

* Studio powerful, but complicated
* Multiplayer ends when anyone fails
* Single player gimmicky, but thin

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