PSX Extreme: Patapon 2 Preview

PSX Extreme writes :"The PSP is already home to quite a few unique and engaging titles that we gamers can't find anywhere else, and one of them is Patapon. It's easily one of the more entertaining titles featuring an original premise, and not surprisingly, Pyramid is planning a sequel, which we're hoping will release some time early next year. If you're not quite familiar, you can read our review of the original or let us give you the quick rundown: the game is like a music/rhythm/strategy hybrid that pits the brave little Patapons against invading forces. During battle, you press the face buttons in time with the rhythm of combat; if you're precise, you will be rewarded. That's the rhythm aspect of the title, but the strategy part revolves around the Patapons themselves, whom you can upgrade as the adventure moves on. There are different types of soldiers, which means that depending on the units you send into battle, you may be at an immediate advantage or disadvantage. The combination may sound bizarre, but it worked extremely well."

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