First Full Mission Inside Call of Duty: World at War

GameXtract writes "Well folks tomorrow is the official release date for Call of Duty: World at War across North America. Europeans will be able to purchase the game on the 14th, and on the 12th for those in Australia. Infinity Ward managed to rock the gaming world last year when they released Modern Warfare stepping up first person shooters all together, and now it's Treyarch's time to take the COD wheel, and see if they can do just that. As usual some gamers have already gotten an early copy of the game, and today we come across a sneak peak at the first full mission inside World at War. If you have a hate passion against spoilers then we advise you just skip over onto the next blog, but for those that want to check out what this game is all about before the opening tomorrow morning, or even midnight tonight can watch the first full complete mission below."

Video after the jump.

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