8.7 'Resistance 2' Review

Resistance 2, the FPS with groundbreaking features such as a massive 60 player online mode, 8 player co-op, and 2 epic campaigns, has come upon us. Many of us have already experienced the 300 foot tall Leviathan or the giant Grim raids but those who haven't really need to take a look.

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Bubble Buddy3682d ago

I noticed how great PS3 games are always floating at 88-89 with scores especially at Metacritic, I wonder why...

toxic273682d ago

Maybe because every one has their own opinion? Ever thought about that?

Bubble Buddy3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Obviously everyone has their opinion, but it extends to everyone having a bias opinion. How bout giving a reviewer from Gamespot a platforming game (RNCF:ToD) when the reviewers hates platformers and PS3 and loves 360;resulting in 7.5/10 and lowering Ratchet from 90 to a 89. EVER thought of that?

toxic273682d ago

What are you talking about? Are you saying I'm some 360 fanboy who owns a website named Are you serious?

Bubble Buddy3682d ago

Are you the guy from Gamespot? Uh no.

toxic273681d ago

WTH are you talking about? Your comments are making no sense to me what-so-ever. If you don't like our reviews, then you can go over to GameSpot or IGN. I'm sorry but not every game is perfect.

Bubble Buddy3681d ago

wth. how does my comment not make sense? You say I'm attacking you? I'm contradicting Gamespot and their stupid reviews. And what's this "our reviews" bs? You own KingPS3 or N4G? I'm just saying it's funny how PS3 games always land at 8.7-8.9 when YOU know if it was an xbox game it would land a 9. Go look it up if you don't believe me. Plus I don't care if they give a game a bad score if it deserves it or if they have valid points to explain why it's bad. "Doesn't have an identity" shouldn't be a valid point stupid Gamespot.

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