Gamer Origins: How'd You Get Your Start?

Joshua Erwin writes:

"In my twenty-three years on this earth, I can hardly remember a time when video games were not a part of my life. While the medium as a whole has exploded over the past decade or so, my love of gaming dates back a little further. No, I wasn't a part of the Pong generation; instead, like many of you out there, my story begins with the original Nintendo Entertainment System and includes just about every gaming console since. My passion for games hasn't faltered in the slightest, in spite of urgings from friends and loved ones to "grow up," "get a job," or, my personal favorite, "leave the house." When I sat down to start writing about what originally sparked my interest in gaming, I was prepared to dissect any number of classic games and the experiences I had with them as a way of arriving at my current state of full-out geekdom. Instead, I realized that it was really one game, one monumental, medium-defining title, that hooked me for life."

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