Casual gaming will make consoles "extinct"

From CVG:

Bold claims from Digital marketing company, which says there's no innovation on consoles....
The rise of casual gaming will see games consoles go "extinct", boldly claims digital marketing company ClickZ.

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ape0073687d ago

that what I've been saying for months

if the casual market gives more money than the hardcore one

so,why devlope expensive,nextgen,hardcore games

do some crappy casual stuff with crappy production values and stick a 50$ price tag on it and there you go,sell like 5 to 10 millions

nintendo I guess if that happen,it is because of YOU

why nintendo why

Sony Rep3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Developers still have a passion to do the type of games us core gamers like. The only ones pushing casual nonsense are the publishers. That's why you have Dan Houser saying "fcck casual gaming."

I think they can both coexist harmoniously.

pwnsause3687d ago

i guess its innovative then to play mini-games.

Pennywise3687d ago

I hate casuals from this hardcore stand point.

Darkseider3686d ago

can co-exist with hardcore games but in no way kill hardcore games. Think of it this way. If casual games were to kill off hardcore games than there will be a lot less gamers around. 17m (PS3) + 22m (360) = 39m less gamers. Which is more than the Wii has sold so far. Granted I am sure that there would be a percentage of those that would get a Wii for the sake of playing some kind of game. The others would either game on a PC or just find some other form of entertainment.

Xander-RKoS3686d ago

Casual gamers have always outnumber hardcore gamers...mainly because there are very few requirements to qualify as a casual gamer. While I believe their are more casual gamers than hardcore ones now thanks to the Wii, I don't think the hardcore gamers has declined at all. So, if anything the market has grown and consoles are stronger than they ever have been.

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