AB: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations review


"Some headway has been made in that you can often present several different pieces of evidence to make the same point, which goes some way to acknowledging that every player's mind works differently, but it's not really enough. Still, the courtroom scenes are more forgiving than either of the two prequels, so Capcom are learning. The game is still ultra-lo-fi, but the stilted figures overlaid on detailed backgrounds remain oddly charming, and the tinny melodies are as catchy as ever. As mentioned, the plot is excellent, even for this series' high standards - twisting, gripping and clever.

Trials is easily the best Ace Attorney game thus far, but it's not really worth it if you're not already a fan. Thus, buy, play and love the first two, and then come back to this. It's worth the effort."

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