Rich online play makes Resistance 2 a blast - G&M's full review of Resistance 2

Globe & Mail follows up a lukewarm Resistance 2 blog post with a feature review that chides the solo campaign while praising online play. From the review:

"...It's just too bad that the narrative spell cast by these and other riveting scenes--including an unexpected and decidedly daring five-minute finale--is sometimes broken by game-design gaffes that yank players out of the story like a loose tooth tied to a doorknob....

...However, while the single-player experience is less than one might have hoped, Resistance 2 is nearly completely redeemed by its online functionality, which offers up deep, engaging and reliable (read: no lag or unceremoniously dropped connections--problems that have afflicted some recent PlayStation 3 releases) multiplayer gaming."

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Well, since Im the first to comment let me get the conversation going.
I think this article is dead wrong, I fired up my ps3 4 days ago to start resistance 2. And Im pretty well into the game, almost done I think. And the story is awesome! On the flip side, i played co-op and yes there IS lag and yes i DID get dropped connection more than once (and i have kick a$$ internet service) So, they better fix this but the story has kept me hooked since i bought it.
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