Quantum Theory new screenshots

Tecmo has released some new screenshots of its upcoming Gears of War like action game for the PlayStation 3 called Quantum Theory.

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thor3685d ago

WOW what great particle effects! What great high-poly character models!


ud3685d ago

that bad... and It still seems early in their dev cycle. Why the hate? Not every game has to be a graphical juggernaut.

ali3123685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

This game has so much potential, don't slate the game yet. Im confident thi game will look and play really good

ultimolu3684d ago

Seriously, do you want to see mindblowing graphics already when...idk, the game isn't even done yet?

Give it a chance. If it flops, then you can say 'I told you so.'

I'm intrigued by it but not too hyped as of yet.

SRU96003684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I think this game looks very cool. In particular, I love the use of color that's seen in these screenshots.

It's like Gears of War meets Devil May Cry.

Hopefully the gameplay will be solid.

Foxgod3684d ago

why do a lot of people think that a finished product will look way better then a pre alpha build.

The textures and models you see are not place holders that will magically be replaced by something better, then there would be no point in releasing screens at all.

What you see is what you get, this game doesnt deserve hyping from PS3 fans, that at the same time piss on games like Ninja Blade and Splinter Cell, which both look lightyears ahead of this one.

thor3684d ago

You make a lot of sense and know what you are talking about. I agree, it's like any game - there's of course going to be polish added as you approach the final build, but the general aesthetic will remain the same. To make these screens look better they'd have to redo everything, and if that's the case, why are they releasing screens?

Bubbles up.

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GiantEnemyCrab3685d ago

LOL Gaiden Gears! Poor Tecmo.

Maybe you can at least pay your devs when the project is completed this time?

Cocksmokingclerk3685d ago

I thought the Japanese make original games not rip-offs.

ali3123685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

What just like gears was really original with it's cover system. Please dont waste time here with stupid comments.

Spike473685d ago

facepalm, other than the cover system, this game seems to be nothing like Gears of War.

devilhunterx3684d ago

You mean other then Kill.Switch

Chubear3684d ago

.. you mean other than Win Back.

Ichiryoka3684d ago

Who brought us Ninja Gaiden, and Dead or alive, which are two phenomenal games. Those two games alone tell you what tecmo is capable of, and if you are judging this game from these early screens and saying that it looks bad, you need to wake up. You and I both know what this team is capable of. I can picture this game with the polish and detail that went into their previous games and I can tell you that this game is going look great. As for gameplay the idea of the environment changing around you is mind blowing. One minute you are safe the next you are doing the superman for cover. All in all we will have to wait and see what this great team of artists do with this game. Personally I believe it will be a hit.

Foxgod3684d ago

Tecmo is not capable of anything.

Team Ninja created ninja gaiden and death or alive, Dont give credit to Tecmo for what team ninja did, as Tecmo was just a publisher.

MiloGarret3684d ago

Actually, most of those guys left together with Itagaki...

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