OXM: AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack Review

When "Let There Be Rock" was the song chosen for AC/DC's long-awaited music-game debut in Rock Band 2, we suspected it meant that the bigger hits would be downloadable later on. We were half-right.

Sadly, AC/DC Live is a $40 disc-only add-on pack - it includes 250 Achievement points, and you can export it once to Rock Band and Rock Band 2. It's sold only at Wal-Mart/Sam's Club, you don't get AC/DC band-member avatars or other extras as you did in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, and it's built off of the Rock Band engine - meaning no online play or Make-A-Setlist unless you export it.

* Absolutely classic rock songs...

* ...Delivered in the worst possible way.
* No extras whatsoever.

* Why can't we just download this pack?

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