Pocket Gamer: Popeye Review

Pocket Gamer writes:

"The favourite tidbit of every dinner-party bore about Popeye is how one of the central effects of the show – to cause kids to eat more greens, spinach in particular – was sullied when it transpired that spinach wasn't nearly as good for you as was originally thought.

It's the sort of thing they love to trot out, ruining your rhythm just as you were eloquently extolling the virtues of the ancient cartoon to a handful of rapt listeners, damaging your cosy little retro nostalgia bubble beyond repair. They're usually the type that works in 'the city' though, so at least we can take some petty pleasure in watching the credit crunch bite away holes in the elbows of their increasingly-shabby suits as gaming ploughs on through the financial meltdown with ease."

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