DaedalusX64 Alpha 4: changelog, comparison vid against R13 release

Kreationz of the Daedalusx64 project has released the changelog of the program's latest build, and it looks like a pretty hefty update! The PSP N64 emulator now has TV out support, increased audio buffers, and a number of other fixes:

* [+] TV Out Support (Chilly Willy)
* [+] ME Audio Supported (Small speed-up with sound on.) (Chilly Willy)
* [+] Increased audio buffers for better sound quality (Kreationz)
* [!] Fixed Screen shots (Chilly Willy)
* [!] Fixed an OoT Custom Blend Mode (Wally)
* [!] Fixed shaking by using double display lists (Fixes GoldenEye 007 and others) (idea Wally, code Kreationz)
* [!] Fixed FPS Display and Framerate limiter (Kreationz)
* [^] Optimized code generation for fragments which branch to themselves is now optional
* Fixes games that broke from R12-13 (Kreationz)
* [^] Further avoid invalidating the instruction cache when possible.(Small Speedup) (Kreationz)

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