BakonICE v1.1: custom menu

Build 1:

* Added the suffix ICE because it's cold, and I felt the need to follow the seasons.
* Optimized heavily
* Hook Thread for it's own
* When the menu is called to, it will create a thread, and when it's done, it will end it, this is to prevent lag, drastically; UI treated as a frontend
* Various functions changed slightly
* Colors changed
* Way more stable in terms of menu and what not, for a flicker now is a rare sight
* Delays changed up in support of each priority
* MWD/Jump speed increased due to above
* Logger augmented
* If the name animator does not detect file, it shuts down the hijack and bricker(animator) threads, for that alone reduces quite a lot of lag for people who commonly use RemoteJoyLite(I specified because the older remotejoy doesn't like to work on new kernels, which happen to be what this is made for), the means if you want to use less lag and what not, rename your pspbricker.txt for the time being
* If you press L+R+Select, it will slow down the bricker thread, to furthur anti lag, while using an imposter
* Uses "Tonic"'s True Jump in replacement of the old ghetto Hotkey jump

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