Limit Break: Crisis Core closing in on two million sales mark

The game to watch out for seems to be Dragon Quest IV which, despite a late North American and European release, exploded in the Japanese market to outsell all other Nintendo system games including Final Fantasy IV.

I'm not entirely sure if it's the late release of DQ IV behind its poor North American sales (only 90K units sold vs Japan's 1.1M) or if something was lost in the English version. I vote the former since it was still ranked 18th out of 20 greatest games ever on the NES in an issue of Nintendo Power.

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Doppy3684d ago

This need to happen to more PSP games. The PSP is a good system it's just that there's something wrong with and I can't quite put my finger on it. It has great graphics for a handheld, a nice selection of good games, but there's just something about it that makes me not play it or buy games for it like I should. I think if the games were stored on the Memory Stick I would play them more, I hate having to carry all those mini disc around. I guess I'll start playing my PSP more.

JoySticksFTW3684d ago

These sales numbers solidify it.

They can bring it to PSP and it will sell huge numbers. Imagine the PS3?


running rampid3684d ago

:O a psp game, are you serious?

SaiyanFury3684d ago

Crisis Core is a great game. It may take some time to reach a lot of sales, but it's happening. It's a fantastic prequel to FFVII on the original PS, and any fan of the FFVII series of titles should get it. It explains Zack's relevance and ties to the series. That alone should give it merit.

sonyfanonly3684d ago

2 million is good and all but how much did GOD OF WAR SELL we need a final fantasy 7 remake - oh and ff 8 9 on the psp would be good as well

gololo3684d ago

i got this game day 1...and it was such an awesome feeling to be back in the FFVII world...the gameplay is good, but what i liked the most is how Zack is portrayed. The thing that was so shocking is that they made Zack someone you really care about, and as you play the game you don't want the story to unfold as FFVII fans probably know how FFVII Crisis Core ends without even playing it. This is a game that should be re-released for PS2 (since it has so much audience), all the FFVII fans should play the game.
Now SE....RE-MAKE FFVII...there is no reason not to do it, it WILL SELL MILLIONS!!!