GameZone: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Wii Review

GameZone writes:

"However, it's almost as if once the main outward packaging of the design was accomplished, the rest of the inner design wasn't given the same importance. No matter how wonderful a game looks or sounds, if actually playing it isn't all that fun, there is no point. It's just not a whole lot of fun playing Dawn of the Dragon, due to bad camera controls, limited flying and an all-around lack of things to do in each level besides fight groups of enemies now and then, smash up things and search around for a long time to find the one thing that will allow the game to advance. Frankly, we're having a whole lot more fun playing MySims Kingdom right now."

Gameplay 6
Graphics 8.5
Sound 9
Difficulty Medium
Concept 6
Multiplayer 7
Overall 6.0

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