Testers Issue Killzone 2 Beta Feedback

PSXextreme writes:With the Killzone 2 open beta in full swing - in Europe, at least - more and more people are beginning to offer new details and information gleaned from their experience with the test. So far, a lot of it is interesting and all of it seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

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Kleptic3660d ago

all i'll say is that there is a 'first impressions' thread on the forum...with over 30 pages popping up since last week...and almost nothing but jaws on the floor...even stranger, how many once 360 only users, shooter wise, are admitting they'll jump ship for kz2...

Pennywise3660d ago

This game is gonna rock. Solid gameplay and best graphics on console is a winning combination.

Aclay3660d ago


I've heard many Xbox 360 owners say that they'll jump ship to PS3 for Killzone 2.

I think a lot of them want Killzone 2 to flop or think that KZ2 will flop just because of the way that Killzone 1 turned out, but Killzone 2 is VERY polished, the game runs solid, and KZ2 has some of the best graphics to date on consoles. Any Xbox 360 fan that thinks KZ2 is going to be a flop based upon KZ1 is just living in denial and is living in the past because Killzone 2 gameplay vidoes tell me that KZ2 is shaping up to be a hit.

Guerrilla may not have a track record for making games that Average 9.0+, but Killzone 2 may very well be the first. Free Radical had a good track record until HAZE, and really all it takes is ONE game to mess up a companies track record and just ONE game for a developer to redeem themselves. I think that Guerrilla will have redeemed themselves with KZ2.

pwnsause3660d ago

Killzone 1 was just to powerful for the PS2. I played it, and i of course liked it. It wasnt the best of shooters. Now Kz2 looks Amazing. I cant wait to try it.

ultimolu3660d ago

I am a female gamer and even I was blown away by this game. Oh my dear Lord...this game help me out here.

Draperc3660d ago

"Guerrilla may not have a track record for making games that Average 9.0+, but Killzone 2 may very well be the first."

There's a first time for everything, right? =D

joemayo763660d ago

sounds good only bad thing is this will add to my wallet woes this winter :S

whoelse3660d ago

Aww they should have released it before Xmas. But then I guess the lineup for next year would be slightly less impressive, and we would be bombarded with FPSs like they said.

chaosatom3660d ago

But After hearing so many positive comments about it from the beta people, I Will get it.

ActionBastard3660d ago

Guerrilla Games redeemed themselves with Killzone Liberation IMO.

likedamaster3660d ago

Xbox360 owners won't necessarily jump ship but purchase or borrow a ps3 to play it, oh yes.

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GamingGeekPS33603660d ago

KZ2...will be the second coming....of the HD Gods of excellence..

pp3660d ago

Microsoft has its own coming out which stands up to Killzone 2.

Deviant3660d ago

thx for telling
now GTFO :)

Sony Rep3660d ago

Which flop of a studio is that from...oh wait...closing down?

Oh well...

steck673660d ago

As a gears of War fan, I must say that Killzone 2 looks to be better than Gears 2.

ultimolu3660d ago

...You're an annoying prick, you know that?
Gears 2 came out *this* year. Killzone 2 is coming out *next* year.
Do the Math Pee-Pee.

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Aclay3660d ago

The Playstation 3 is going to have a major start to 2009 with Killzone 2 that's for sure. With so many games that has come out this Fall, Sony made the right decision by delaying KZ2 for a couple of months... plus, if Sony didn't delay KZ2, I think that Resistance 2 might not have gotten the attention that it deserved at the time.

Killzone 2 is one of the top games that I've been anticipating ever since I got my PS3 at launch, and the wait is almost over.... just 3 more months to go.

remanutd553660d ago

i really want to play killzone2 , i think guerrilla games WILL redeem themselves and Heavy rain certainly have my attention , im HUGE GT fan so you know i cant wait to play it, MAG could be big, INFAMOUS looks interesting, RATCHET and clank will continue their journey in 09, white knight chronicles will land on the ps3 in 09 but theres always that favorite game that you simply cant wait to play it and no game its bigger than GOD OF WARRRRRRRRRR 3 in 09 for me

hfaze3659d ago

Here's to hoping for a PS3 price drop right before (or the same time as) the Killzone 2 launch.

I understand that Sony needs another Christmas at the current prices to prop up their profits... But the massacre that a $100 price drop would be right before Killzone 2 releases? Oh the PWNAGE... ;-)

Cocksmokingclerk3660d ago

It will be good hopefully. The funny thing is it can look great but it doesn't mean it will sell.

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