Game Focus: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review

Game Focus writes: "Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 is a game which breaks new real time strategy ground by offering an innovative co-operative campaign, which can be played with a friend or an AI controlled opponent. Red Alert 3 also continues the series use of humorous and cheesy full motion videos for cut-scenes which add to the charm of playing what is one of the pinnacle real time strategy games this year. But does it do enough for the most picky RTS gamers out there? Yes it does."

+ Full motion video is perfectly cheesy as always
Graphics are excellent, especially the unit and level design and water
+ Great gameplay as always for a C&C game (just not innovative)
+ Co-op campaign is brilliant
+ Audio work is excellent
+ Three good campaigns (The Soviet Union, Allies, Empire of the Rising Sun)

- No real innovation in gameplay beyond the coop gameplay
- No Global Conquest like Kane's Wrath
- Couple of system crashes

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