LotRO boss: We're not worried by Lich King

Lord of the Rings Online boss Jeff Steefel reckons Wrath of the Lich King isn't a problem to his Mines of Moria expansion, despite the fact the two are launching within a week of each other.

"The way that we succeed is by focusing on ourselves and competing with ourselves, and that's what we're continuing to do with this," he said on the subject of feeling pressure from Blizzard's latest.

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robotnik3658d ago

If they have a user installbase that's fond of LotRO, they wont have to worry.
Most ppl that are on MMORPGS play several games on this genre. Not playing them all at the same time, but maybe one month one game, next other.

I didn't do this but I know people who has.

DirtyLary3658d ago

is going to unfortunately kill 3 games in one blow. WH, AOC and LOTRO. EQ2 and EVE will most likely be unaffected. There player base is a more mature hardcore crowd.