Gamespot: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Hands-On

Gamespot writes: "The Shin Megami Tensei fan base continues to grow as gamers eagerly await the release of Persona 4. Last year's Persona 3 (and the expanded version, Persona 3: FES) was highly praised for its eerie style, intriguing story, and gameplay, which consisted of a mix of role-playing game elements and social simulation. Developer and publisher Atlus came by our office to introduce us to the characters of Persona 4, and from what we've seen, the game follows a similar path to the last game in terms of gameplay, but there's now a stronger emphasis on story and character development. The first few hours of the game may not be as intensely compelling as Persona 3, since it's hard to top the image of someone pointing an evoker (which looks like a gun) to his head and pulling the trigger. However, Persona 4 still draws you in immediately with its unusual story. You play as the silent protagonist caught in the middle of a murder mystery that shakes up the quiet countryside town of Inaba".

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