Gears 2 Beats LittleBigPlanet in Charts Battle

Microsoft's Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360 has beaten Sony's PS3 hope LittleBigPlanet to the top of the All Formats charts in the UK.

Both titles are exclusive to their respective formats, and LittleBigPlanet even benefited from a sales head-start – being released on November 5, two days before Gears' November 7 release.

But data from GfK Chart-Track shows Epic's highly-anticipated shooter entered the charts at number one, enjoying the third-best week-one sales for a 360 title, behind GTA IV and Halo 3.

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Mr_Bun3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I guess that means that Gears 2 is a better 3rd person shooter than LBP? Otherwise, what's the point of this article?

Cwalat3626d ago

yeah excactly?

why even post this shi*et?

SSOOOOO "WHAAAT" IF Gears sold more than LBP...

It's not like someone will come in here and say,
"that's it, i don't wanna live anymore...*booom*..."

and it doesn't take half a brain to figure out that Gears is a shooter and that 99% of gamers in US are gun freaks...

Bnet3433626d ago

This is why people like Cwalat should not be allowed to post.

"Microsoft's Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360 has beaten Sony's PS3 hope LittleBigPlanet to the top of the All Formats charts IN THE UK."


Here's Cwalat:

"and it doesn't take half a brain to figure out that Gears is a shooter and that 99% of gamers in US are gun freaks..."

So you stereotype about US gamers being "gun freaks" and at the same time you don't even bother read the first sentence of the article.

Capt CHAOS3626d ago

It was bound to sell better, even if it's not a better game (i'm not saying if it is or if it isn't)

Immortal Kaim3626d ago

Anyone who didn't expect this has been living under a rock. Sales figures certainly aren't indicative of how great a game is (usually) but it is good news for Epic/MS.

Why do fanboys fall for this sh*t anyway....

I predict heat reaching over 300 :)

whoelse3626d ago

LBP is one of those games that will grow in popularity. Its a unique game and brand new franchise after all. Can't wait for the DLC!!

Monchichi0253626d ago

LBP is a great game being done wrong by Sony. They should be marketing it like MS does to Gears and Halo. I mean, I honestly didn't even know it was out! Only found out by accidently seeing it in the back of a gamecase at Gamestop. unlike Gears of War which has posters and flyers EVERYWHERE!!! At this rate, it'll be lucky to reach 2 million!!!

Don't worry Sackboy, we still love ya!

Cwalat3626d ago


i admit, i didn't even go as far as reading the article cause i dont care ...

true, US majority are action freaks... look at halo sales, gears sales

i didnt know this article was about UK, but that doesnt matter..
i bet my life that Gears 2 sold more than LBP in US aswell...

not only are the US action freaks... but the majority are 360 owners...

and throw in 20 000 launchparties... and a broken launch for LBP, then Gears is bound to sell alot more...

ultimolu3626d ago


In other news....the sky is blue and the grass is green. :/

jaysquared3626d ago

and Sony has another flop while they digg deeper in financial debt they are also digging their own grave.

ultimolu3626d ago

Kindly show evidence of this if you will.

Beast_Master3626d ago

When there is a real argument. I mean a new IP vs. a sequel to one of the best selling titles in the last couple of years. LBP isn't going to sell 4 mill it's first week but as the months go on it will get there. Now GT5 and God of War 3...Will be Gears 2 competition. Also those titles will be coming out at the 3 year mark much like Gears is for X-box...hey a realistic argument!

Tony P3626d ago

In my opinion, this is news seeing as many projected LBP's performance a bit higher or at least enough to help make PS3 the dominant console. Of course that ascension may still be in progress, only time will tell. (See how I did that Jaysquared? "In my opinion")

Anyway, I was hoping (perhaps too optimistically) that LBP would do a bit better than the list suggests. Still, I'd like to see some global numbers for a better idea of how it's selling.

What I am glad to see is Wii Fit at the bottom there.

Bodhi3626d ago

I agree that a sequel would easily outsell a new IP but honestly, I was a little persuaded by fanboys this time that LittleBigPlanet would be bigger and sell more than all the Xbox 360's holiday combined...

And those same fanboys that gloated that the "gaming revolution" will begin and destroy any chance the 360 had this holiday are now saying

"Of course Gears 2 is going to outsell LBP, it's a new IP."

I agree but quite honestly, don't hype a game up to immeasurable heights because it just makes you look dumb. Stereotypes also make you look pretty dumb also, I saw lots of people predicting that LBP sales in Japan would be explosive because, now I don't have the exact quote but it went something like this:

"LittleBigPlanet is a weird, quirky game that the Japanese would love."

OK, I'm not sure how many of you found that somewhat racist but I'm thinking it's borderline racist here. If somebody were to say, "Hey, there's that hockey game that EA is making, I bet that would sell tons in Canada" I'd be somewhat offended.

shine13963626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

wtf with motorstorm pacific rift? I didn't even know it was out. no.29 according to them.

PistolPumptMonk3626d ago

If I want to look at numbers I'll go do some homework, lets just play these awesome games and forget about it.

dylz3626d ago

i'm gonna sound like a fanboy but I dont care your an idiot gears of war 2 is a great game LBP is a great game if the ps3 had the same install base I think the sales figures would be about equal

cLiCK_sLiCK93626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

"I guess that means that Gears 2 is a better 3rd person shooter than LBP? Otherwise, what's the point of this article?"

Basically to rub it in.
As long as im having fun playing LBP, i could careless. Im not going to let articles like these get to me.

InMyOpinion3626d ago

I thought you didn't care about sales? Oh well..

KarateExplosion3626d ago

You buy a 360 for two reasons. Gears Of war or Halo. So if you own a 360.... Chances are you bought Gears of War..... or Halo.....
If you own a ps3. You cant just wait for Gears of War.... or Halo.... Cause while ur waiting games like Lbp, Naruto, Valkryie, Bioshock, Fallout, or resistance come out (within a months time) and you cant buy them all!!!! Its impossible.

Dont get me wrong... I dont own a 360.... but I have played Gears of War.... and Halo.... They are really awesome games. If I Did own a 360..... I would buy Gears of War... or Halo.... Simple logic.

Ps The reason I dont own a 360 is not because Im not a (true gamer) or because Ima (sony Fanboy) In all honesty the RRoD thing freaks me out. No Bs there. I know its gone down a lot. But I know people. My friend's went down 2 weeks ago. He fixed it on his own by takin it apart and cleaning it but it still freezes =/.

Kill Crow3626d ago

Article aside, stating that Halo and Gears sell well in america because they're all gun freaks is the lamest fannyboy argument I've ever heard of.

Seriously dude .... you need medication or something.

pixelsword3626d ago

SOCOM, Resistance 2, and Motorstorm: PR will be splitting top exclusive tier sales along with LBP; plus on top of the other high-quality multiplat games coming out, those games will swell-up in sales after Xmas.

the 360 only has Fable 2 and Gears for it's top exclusive tier games(that I know of), and Fable 2 came out almost a clear month before Gears 2, so people who wanted both actually have time to recover before buying another game.

Legion3626d ago

Wait... I call [email protected] The only reason Gears is out selling LBP is because more people want to buy it!!! It's not fair competition, LBP should be compared to other games that are at it's own interest level.

It should be compared to other games that will sell the same amount as it. And lastly it should be compared to other PS3 games to keep it fair.

We can't compare it against all the XBox 360 fans, that just isn't a true test of how good the game is compared to the market because... welllll, just because!

godofthunder103625d ago

I have a 360 and i love it.The fact is that i don't care if gears of war 2 sole less then LBP or more.I'm going to buy GOW2 because i like it.I hope that the people that buy LBP enjoy it to just as much as i enjoy GOW.

PS3 fanboys are saying negative things about a person that wrote an article because they don't like what he said.Some ps3 fanboys are even saying that they shouldn't even post his articles just because he's for the 360 instead of the ps3 and it's childish.Still other ps3 fanboys are calling other people 360 fanboys because they agree with the article and all this proves is that they are ps3 fanboys.If the article said that LBP sold more the same fanboys would agree with the article and praise the writer.

360 fanboys are the same way.They will agree with an article if it's positive news about the 360.They will disagree if it's negative news about the 360.360 fanboys do the exact things as ps3 fanboys are doing now.People that's posting articles and trash talking ps3 fans about it and braging are 360 fanboys.People that calling the writer of the article a lier,360 fanboy,saying they shouldn't post his articles and other things are just ps3 fanboys.

You could tell fanboys easy.They are the one that's all ways agree with postive news about their system and disagree with negative news about their system.They are the ones that also agree with all the negative news about the other system and disagree with all the positive news about it.They are the ones that always say negative thinga about a writer if he writes an article that's good about the other system and praise him if he writes a positive article about their system.The most ridiculious thing they do is argue over graphics like that's all the matter.They argue that the same game on their system looks better on their system just because it might have 1 more ripple in the water.The fact is that the graphics are so close that you can't really tell the difference and they still argue like kids over it.

I just can't understand why they can't be regular fans of a system instead of acting childish and being a i said before i love my 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I think that it's a better system with better games.This is my OPPONION not fact like fanboys try and claim about the system they have.I even admit that the 360 had a high defect rate.I will also admitt that i wish that KZ2 was on the 360 to because it look like it will be agreat game.I will also admit that the ps3 is the most dependable console ever made.The fact is that both systems have good and bad things about them.They also each have good and bad exclusives on them.They even have games that looks better on the 360 and games that look better on the ps3.People should just admit the truth instead of saying that all the games on one system sux because it's childish.

Every one has at least one game that they like on the other system.Like i said before i think that KZ2 will be a great game maybe even game of the year.I will also admit that i don't like games like LBP.I think that it' a childish game and should be on the wii.This is my opponion not fact.Some people like games like that and i hope they enjoy it.What i'm saying is just because a person have 1 system they could still give credit to the other system instead of acting childish.Just because some one like one game or system over the others people shouldn't act childish and call them names just because of it.

pavarotti3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

i should've posted below

mint royale3625d ago

the too many games to buy at the moment argument just doesn't work. Motorstorm 2 has just completely slipped under the radar and has bombed and SOCOM looks to be going the same way.

However those are really good sales for LBP. Its a new ip, of course it isnt going to sell aswell as gears which has aquired a fanbase by being a genuinely good shooter. But lbp should grow through word of mouth and more and more people will discover its awesomeness.

vhero3625d ago

how can you compare and anticipated sequal to a brand new IP nobodys got the chance to really see?? god damn fanboy articles.

Lifendz3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

an established franchise defeated a new IP? Kudos I guess.

oh, and LBP was made with a team of 25 people. The budget on the game was nowhere near what Gears 2's. Sony will probably make a nice little bundle off the game.

earwax3625d ago

To the point they released it the same week as GOW2 thinking this CHILDS GAME could beat GOW2. I have stated over and over, people who spent $500 on a PS3 ARE NOT going to buy what looks like a kids game.

jaysquared3625d ago

You sony fanboys are funny.. a month ago you guys were proclaiming how LBP along will help boost the sales of the PS3 over the 360 but now its not because its a new IP? LoL! I dont know what the sales figure was for the first Gears but I know it sold a lot more than LBP and that was a new IP.. Whats your excuse now?

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PirateThom3626d ago

That delayed launch really, really killed it's momentum.

whoelse3626d ago

I think the the long run it will benefit the game however due to confusion over the release date, not many people knew when they were supposed to go to the shops to buy it.

NipGrip3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

The entire launch was handled quite poorly. From the messed up dates and the controversial song charade to the server issues at launch that tainted the experience and the continued issues. They hardly marketed this game on a scale even remotely to what MS would have done had they had the title. Sony needs to get on the ball with these kinds of issues or they will NEVER have a AAA game that gets it rightful presence on the system. It doesn't just fall into your lap, Sony. Fanboys can only support you for so long before the truth of your actions speak for themselves.

I am a PS3 fanboy but I can at least acknowledge the launch of LBP had issues and a lack of marketing that it should have had.

Beast_Master3626d ago

It has sold 500,000 in US alone. So it is well on its way to 1 mill in the US. add to the fact that the US isn't the largest install base of the PS3 then you have a multi-million seller. Not one of the biggest of all time mind you.. but respectible.

NipGrip3626d ago

Compared to GoW2 what.. 2 million on first day sales alone? I'm not saying the game hasn't sold. I'm saying this was THE game Sony could have really capitalized on and dropped the ball in a few very key areas including smooth launching and promotions.

Kush_Reaper3626d ago

just what i was about to say. The whole delay shinanigans led the momentem of the game to slip alot. Though in the long run LBP will gain world wide success.

Again gears is the only game worthy of getting on the xbox360, thus the reason for such high numbers are at hand. People fail to notice that the PS3 has never relied on just one or two franchises for its potential sales growth.

Sony are known for their versitality in games and different genres, so obviously anyone with a brain will see its sales are shared among different titles


pavarotti3625d ago

shut your mouth. you and all the other sony zealots talk like it's only fable and gears in the shops. what about all the multi-plats? the only difference between sony and microsofts xmas line-up is lbp, r2, motorstorm, socom, fable2, gears2, l4d and banjo. that's it.

and all you sony fanboys are missing something much bigger.. you all parrot each other about all of sonys new i.p's and how wonderful they all sound, and how much sony doesn't rely on on anything else. but as lbp and some other new i.p's have already proven. these new games dont have the fanbase of existing and well known/loved franchises. they are all gambles, and not guaranteed system shifters. especially when sony isn't marketing them aggressively like microsoft does.

anyway, after months of seeing the sony (our favourite word is "outselling") army talking about lbp shifting units and hardware. i'm surprised to see them all saying that they expected lbp to be a mediocre seller.

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pp3626d ago

PS3 got its ass kicked again and again and again and again again and again and again and again Hahahahhahaha.

rucky3626d ago

Mindless shooter wins yet again

TheXgamerLive3626d ago

:( ha ha ha ha ha ..........

PirateThom3626d ago

Resistance 2 isn't out in the UK... :-/

Shane Kim3626d ago

Resistance ins't even out in EU you dumb bot.

Blu Ray33626d ago

A job well done.

LBP will have great sales also,but they won't come as quickly.

2 awesome titles!

Aquanox3626d ago

Little Big Planet was absorbed by the hype juggernaut that Gears of War 2 is. It didn't even manage to beat Fifa (1 month old) or Fallout 3 (2nd week)

This can be because of two things.

1. The game will have a more casual reach, which will be seen in the following months.

2. This game is not either casual or hardcore enough to appeal a massive pice of either market.

harpua3626d ago

you have to admit people, LBP is still a decent 3rd person shooter though.

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Fishy Fingers3626d ago

Not surprised. Gears is a game cater for the majority of the 360 user base and I think more likely to buy day/week one. Plus I think there are a few more 360 than PS3s here in the UK.

I expect both games will sell well over time. Yay for everyone.

PirateThom3626d ago

That's a good point.

I would advise anyone with a PS3 and this game to let other PS3 owners play it. I let my friend play it (who's game library consists of Resistance, Call of Duty 4, MGS4, Mercs 2 and Dead Space) to try it, and he went out and bought it the next day and we've been playing it online a lot. Word of mouth is going to sell this game, especially to people who dismiss it as "kiddy".

littlenuthead3625d ago

i'm not surprised either i still have a lot of people on my psn buddy list askin me whats LBP, i'm like seriously. its sony's fault with the lack of advertising. the last ps3 advert i saw was this is living and how long ago were they

Raz3625d ago

LittleBigPlanet vs. Gears of War 2...

..what next, a comparison of apple sales vs orange sales? Why not compare Katamari to Halo?

If you're going to compare sales between games, at least make sure they're the same genre so you don't sound like a complete fool.

Meus Renaissance3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

LBP looks great but with Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2 out, my money will be spent on those two. LBP is fascinating but I just dont have the money

fenderputty3626d ago

seriously missing out. I do understand that time constraint though. I would love to get Pacific Rift but can't due to LBP and FROM2 taking up all my time.

chasuk083625d ago

Im sorry but lbp is probably worth getting over motorstorm