Console Monster: Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

Console Monster writes: "Just before I start this review, I need to clarify that I reviewed this game with the instruments from the Rock Band kit so I was unable to give the new Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments a decent go. Right, now that's out of the way, let's get rocking!

Rhythm games appeared to be the new black not so long ago. Now, rhythm games in which you can play as a band are the new rhythm games. It's an evolution that should have been obvious from the offset. But now, just like before, we have a flood of rhythm games heading our way and already in our living rooms, cluttering them up with plastic guitars and drums. Rock Band was released this Spring and with Rock Band 2 on its way at the end of November for us Europeans, it looks to be a great time for the inner rock star. Activision and Neversoft have released their fourth instalment in the Guitar Hero series, this time with a whole band in tow. But does it compare to their rivals at Harmonix, after the Harmonix and Activision split not so long ago?..."

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