Video of Pocket Sized Homemade NES Console

Grundy The Man writes, "Once again the ingenuity of gamers show through! Some patient soul has figured out how to make a fully functional NES console that will fit in your pocket. Granted, this does employ the use of emulators, but it is an achievement all the same. Everything on the device has been repurposed from assorted other electronics, making this even more remarkable. Check out the video here..."

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killyourfm3689d ago

Crappy video quality, but quality little device. Does anyone know what devices he used to throw this thing together?

bgrundman3689d ago

the quality is pretty bad, but the product is pretty cool... it is a shame that I can't find if something like this is for sale, because I would be all over that!

Sleebs3689d ago

At the beginning of the video, was he going through a complete list of all the NES games ever created, right on that device? Nice.

bgrundman3689d ago

I am not sure if that is the case or not. Regardless, it looks to have a sh1t ton of games.

Nikkelz3689d ago

retro gaming in your pocket,reminds me of the old days man,classic stuff

peace and game on

Jimmy the Greek3689d ago

do they have nintendo emulators for a jail broken iphone? now that would be tight!

bgrundman3688d ago

I believe that they do... but I am not 100% sure

Jimmy the Greek3688d ago

i only ask because you could fit the entire nintendo library in 500mb if not less and this video really made me want an emulator... for the iphone i dont have...