PlayTM: Fair Game: Review Scores are Redundant

PlayTM writes: "A few weeks ago, review aggregation site Metacritic came under fire from disgruntled community members of NeoGaf and N4G after it posted an 8/10 summation from Variety magazine for Sony Computer Entertainment's potential PlayStation 3 killer app LittleBigPlanet.

While an undeniably fine points score, resulting fanboy accusations claimed Metacritic was guilty of favouring Sony's rivals by deliberately attempting to downgrade LittleBigPlanet's gathering acclaim. These knee-jerk allegations (placing a focus on "jerk") arose because Variety's respected entertainment reviews, be they for movies, television or videogames, do not carry scores. "

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Parapraxis3657d ago

Wow, that is one well written article, good work Stevie Smith.
I would love to see more sites dropping review scores. People need to take the time to actually read reviews and in the end use thier own judgement in deciding whether or not to rent/buy/or skip a game.
Don't let a useless score decide for you!