EA cagey on Mirror's Edge PC date

There is still no public release date for the PC version of Mirror's Edge, Electronic Arts told Eurogamer this afternoon.

In other words, we can't say for definite whether the game will be out before Christmas, but online retailers GAME and Play reckon it won't be. Both carry listings for early January.

Mirror's Edge is an ambitious and vibrantly-coloured first-person free-running game from Battlefield developer DICE, and was recently voted as the top game of the Eurogamer Expo by flocks of attendees.

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TheIneffableBob3625d ago

Gah. I hope they don't delay it too much.

streetfighter23625d ago

Why bother bringing the game to the PC? Its just gonna get pirated anyway.

RyuStrife3625d ago

My thoughts exactly, SF2. I think it should just stay on the consoles.

Bolts3625d ago

Why do you care? It isn't an exclusive to any system plus Dice is a PC developer. The PC version probably doesn't require any work other than high res textures.