Videogamer: EndWar Review

Videogamer writes: "If nothing else, Tom Clancy's EndWar proves that Ubisoft Shanghai's voice command solution to that perennial console RTS control conundrum works. The tech behind the system, which sees you dish out commands using your voice rather than your thumbs, is robust enough to understand what you're saying about 95 per cent of the time. That's good enough to make EndWar the most intuitive console RTS out there.

The only problem is that the meat of the gameplay is more bare bones than juicy steak. The near future setting, which sees the Enforcer Corps (Europe), the United States Joint Strike Force (US) and the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade (Russia) all going at it in World War III, is neat enough and certainly in keeping with classic Clancy, but the limitations prevent it from being an essential purchase. There's no story to speak of, there are only four game types (conquest - control over half the Uplinks, assault - wipe out every enemy unit, raid - destroy or defend a key building for ten minutes and siege - capture or defend an Uplink in an enemy city) and the three races play so similarly that the game relies almost exclusively on the quality of its core gameplay, which, while fun, isn't complex enough to satisfy those looking for a console RTS experience to rival the best on PC."

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