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360 Rant Rave: Quantum of Solace Review

Girls, gadgets and guns; that is what James Bond is famous for and boy are there a lot of them in this game. The gameplay is smooth and fun if not challenging. It's an interesting hybrid between a first-person shooter and third-person action game with a cover system tossed in. (James Bond : Quantum of Solace, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) 6/10

Ben1054  +   2331d ago
"Girls, gadgets and guns; that is what James Bond is famous for and boy are there a lot of them in this game"
As far as i remember from 1 day ago, there were 0 ZERO gadgets in the whole game, ZERO.
There wernt no bond girls either
the only thing that might be true in that sentence is the guns part.

cant believe they made a bond game/film without gadgets or cars with guns and missiles built in, its like taking stealth away from MGS4 and just handing snake a big ass gun just shooting everybody down while running about

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