ZTGD Review: Resistance 2

ZTGD: "Deeply engrossing in its bottled desperation, Resistance 2 has a tone of heroic resolve you can't help but imagine your grandfather shared when the Chimera were just Nazi-shaped monsters. You know, if grandpa was infected with a virus that gave him super-strength while simultaneously threatening his life if he missed a dose of inhibitors. The vigor of Resistance: Fall of Man pales in comparison to the heightened action of its sequel, and the only thing holding Resistance 2 back from being wholly remarkable is a fairly linear campaign and Hale's new, military issue, alpha dog 'tude."

+ Excellent production value, stunning art direction
+ Great arsenal
+ Co-op is fantastic

- Feels somewhat expected

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user94220773684d ago

An awesome score for an awesome game.

"+ Excellent production value, stunning art direction
+ Great arsenal
+ Co-op is fantastic "

rogimusprime3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I bought it friday night and beat it sunday morning. A lot was improved...the Chimera actually suffer bullet damage and react to getting shot as opposed to just falling over after they've absorbed a set amount of bullets.

I do have a few complaints. THE FURIES!!! You mean to tell me Insomniac put an enemy in the game that can't be harmed in the slightest? They are basically just chimera with FINS that kill you instantly if you fall in the water. Since there is NO swimming mechanic in the game, any water might as well be lava since you die pretty much instantly if they touch you. Damn furies.

So...Nathan Hale defeats the Leviatian...A giant godzilla like monster that can swallow you WHOLE...but can't lay a finger on a man-fish swimming near the surface of the water? WTF?!

That's my only gripe, besides the ending which I h but the CO-OP is great and the multiplayer is way more enjoyable than the first. Not on par with COD4, but so what?

Of course the game is linear. This isn't a choose your own adventure book or fallout 3. It's insomniac's story, and were just along for the ride.

Go out and buy it. You won't be dissapointed.

Pennywise3684d ago

Not on par with COD? Call me what you will, but I dont get the whole COD comparisons. The game was decent, but not the end all to multiplayer. R2 has a great variety for whichever game play you are looking for. CoD doesnt have as much depth into game modes as this game. And being R2 is exclusive to PS3, I will compare Insomniacs game to IW's game and Insomniac puts them to shame with support and features. CoD doesnt have rumble on PS3 and the devs were too lazy to ever put it in.

DiabloRising3684d ago

Well, the reason I prefer CoD4 (although not lately, since they PS3 servers are crap, and Activion's support is nonexistent... trophies? rumble? w/e.) is because of the new setting of modern warfare, the weapon and level design/balancing, the gameplay modes, and the leveling up incentives and accompanying fanfare. It just all worked really well together.

I think R1 had better MP level design personally, even though 2 has better visuals and locations.

Bubble Buddy3684d ago

I love Resistance, gonna be playing it for a long while. My COD4 is not working for online though for some reason :(. Stuck on "Downloading Game Settings".

Gue13684d ago

did you really beat the game @rogimusprime? because the are a couple of stages were you need to swim...

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kevnb3684d ago

it feels much less generic than the first did.

DiabloRising3684d ago

I'm curious to see if Metacritic, the BS "holy bible" of the fanboy wars, will leave off the constant stream of 9's this game is getting from sites like this.

Cat3684d ago

Metacritic uses reviews from ZTGD, so this score will be part of the Metacritic.

lordgodalming3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

...the end. "There is no passing it up, this is true, I just can't help but hold Insomniac to the highest standard and in the end the only thing keeping Resistance from being a perfect 10 is the sense that it has moved too much toward the expected."

So is he saying that if the game had been developed by the same morons who did "Legendary," he would've given the game a 10? I have no problem with R2 getting a 9--it's a great score for a great game. This is just another example of the flippant, arbitrary subjectivity in reviews lately.

DiabloRising3684d ago

I agree. Scoring is entirely arbitrary and up to the whim of the reviewer, which is why review scores don't even matter.

kevnb3684d ago

I really don't care if someone working for a website doesn't like my favorite games.

Nathaniel_Drake3684d ago

You know they should just scrap the expected, the comparing to prequels, and comparing to other games and just score on fun factor

"Does this game give me my fun for $60 and keeps me interested?"
Yes then

"Does this game also give me something extra whenever I finish the main story?"
Yes then

See now why is that so hard?

DiabloRising3684d ago

Because reviews need to gloss over that factor so they hit the PR bullet points and tell us what the publisher wants us to know instead! Those money hats have to be earned with... *giggles*... hard work and solid writing!

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HighDefinition3684d ago

So does that kinda comment lately.

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