Random Gamer's Release of the Week: Call of Duty: World at War

Greedy Raven writes, "Not every blockbuster this season deserves the spotlight. Call of Duty: World at War is a sheep in wolf's clothing. Taking the good name that Infinity Ward built with Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4, Activision enjoys exploiting gamers by letting Treyarch play around with Infinity Ward's brand..."

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killyourfm3686d ago

I'm happy it uses the COD4 Engine, but you're right in that there is zero innovation here. And personally I was bummed ever since they announced another rehash into WWII. Just really tired of the genre.

bgrundman3686d ago

I think that WWII games need to be put out to pasture... hell, they have been making WWII games for longer than the war took to complete! It is just getting old.

whylocojay3686d ago

Tired of WWII why go back to it...

MrEko3686d ago

There are plenty of new things in this game to give it a shot. I'm glad you are an Infinity Ward fanboy("Were this game given any other name, I might give it a fair chance.,") but, that gives me no reason not to play this game. Yes, its WWII but there is a differnt settting and the battles are fierce and gruesome. Gamers have no qualms about playing the same old survivor/horror genre over and over. You dont want to play this game because Treyarch created it? Well be sure not to play Dead Rising 2 because Blue Castle took the helm and not Capcom. If its a good game- it's a good game.

Pennywise3686d ago

I will never understand the hype for this game. First off the makers of CoD3 suck and secondly - WWII? zzzzzzzzzzz

bgrundman3686d ago

I think you are echoing the sentiments of most gamers... the online component looks solid, but it will certainly not match up to COD 4

Th3 Chr0nic3686d ago

The history of this whole deal is what makes it different. they ruined COD3 and did nothing but ride Infinity wards success and they are doing the same thing this time. Activition lets Infinity ward build a great game engine and a blockbuster title and then they stab them in the back and hand the engine to treyarch and say here u go they did the hard work now u guys can reskin it and make some new levels/weapons and we will sell the crap out of this.
im going to play this game for the experience but i will not be buying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.