The Last Remant - Japanese TV Spot

Square Enix published the first Last Remnant japanese TV spot. Enjoy.

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pshizle3626d ago

boost 360 sales in japan

Lucreto3626d ago

or wait for the PS3 version.

Baba19063626d ago

i want this for ps3 =( i dont have a 360.

Lucreto3626d ago

It is lucky there are so many games this Christmas that we can wait until next year.

Enate3626d ago

On Square Enix's claims of technical issues with the PS3 version I mean months for some minor technical issue they are full of it we all know the real reason. An the trailers look good but when I seen the gameplay for this game it looked rather slow an the teleporting through town was weak. Its kind of a wait an see thing as Square has always been good at trailers we all know where that got us with FFXII.

truehunter3626d ago

Its funny..... They willing to release FFXIII at the same time as 360 but they wont to release the same time as PS3...........
Something is odd when FFXIII is working on PS3 1st.