Wii Only Played At Christmas, Says Sega


In a new interview over at, Sega A&R's head of content, Darren Williams, had some interesting things to say about Nintendo's Wii and the game industry in general. While Sega has been very supportive of the Wii, the Japanese publisher acknowledges that the Wii still presents its own problems.

Williams said that market for Wii is "still confusing" since "the average age of ownership is going to be a hell of a lot higher than I suspect it really is - because you've got the very obvious point of parents registering Wiis on behalf of their children."

He continued, "I think on one hand the Wii has become the most expensive board game on Earth - it's the kind of thing that families will play at Christmas, and probably won't play again throughout the remainder of the year. So things like Wii Sports, Wii Fit to a certain extent, that's great."

"As for the other consoles and how they're affecting the industry, Williams essentially said that the industry is looking for the Xbox 360 and PS3 to both broaden their audiences. "I think the entire industry is hoping that Xbox 360 can find a way to broaden its appeal, to go mass market. "

"But particularly everybody is waiting to see what PS3 can do. Can PS3 return to what the PlayStation 2 did in terms of installed base and the wider adoption of gaming?" he questioned."

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UltimateIdiot9113690d ago

All my friends who own a Wii hasn't touch it in months. All it does is sit there gathering dust. The only time it's pulled out is when it's a bunch of our friends together and bored.

Product3690d ago

If this was true why is Sega releasing "hardcore" titles such as House of the Dead,Madworld,and the Conduit????on the wii as exclusives?

Bubble Buddy3690d ago

Only brush off the dust off Wii at parties or Holidays when Fam come over.

eagle213690d ago

Nintendo has found it's niche with Wii. PS3 will continue to pick up steam. At around $299, Sony will begin it's usual playstation history with PS3. Both companies will love the end results of this generation.

In terms of overall marketshare in all regions worldwide, Sony is the only competitor to Nintendo. The install bases of ps2 and PSP will most likely migrate to PS3. Microsoft needs more game console/handheld products in order to compete fairly with Sony and Nintendo overall.

ChickeyCantor3690d ago

hey look same article as the other one!
Quick to the Dup mobile.

kesvalk3690d ago

well, i play my wii daily, i have enough games to keep me focused on it too...

of course i don't play heavy hitters like MGS4 and Soul Calibur, but i still have enough fun with super smash bros, de blob, metroid, mario kart and other games i have here...

i think ppl don't search for games in the right place when it comes to the Wii... i have at least 13 good games here.

Captain_Sony3690d ago

Some company in Japan did a survey last year that said Wii got little play time. Ever since then PS3,60 guys quote that article without really owning a Wii. It is very common in just about every Wii article to see a guy with LBP avi talking bout his Wii gathering dust. They dont own one and sure do not play one at all from their responses but it makes them feel better to make false claims in the hopes that someone will believe them. Another survey some months back showed the PS3 actually got the least amount of play time. However some sites falsely reported the info, jsut so they could continue their whole "Wii is gathering dust." campaign. Fact is Nintendo has now sold more software for Wii then PS3 or 360 have. They want you to believe that nobody is playing the Wii but software sales prove them wrong. Wii's biggest problem is that their are a ton of games out right now from various genres. It's not getting as many games into the top 10 as 360 does sometimes because people that own Wii are not all buying the exact same game at once like 360,PS3 owners.

ChickeyCantor3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )


Wii music gets loads of comments, they say how much it sucks.
But when there is a decent or just a great title there right in their face...Wii-music seems more attractive.

I wished these people wouldn't be so narrow minded towards consoles and games, it's annoying as a gamer to know that "gamers" are so shortsighted about these things.

And to say " the gfx are last gen" is a pathetic excuse, you play a game because of it's core elements, because it's fun.
And to say all Wii games suck makes you a simple troll.

I really wonder who they asked about these things...I never trust their research team.

Captain_Sony3690d ago

The one that showed PS3 got the least amount of play time was from Nielsen, they would have asked those doing television research. Differently families form around the country. The other was an online poll.I give more credit to the nielsen one due to the probability of being more accurate than an online poll.

paracardium3690d ago

Everyone that has bought a wii play it for a month and that's it..gathers dust and not used.Wii is a fad and it may sell and everyone has one but it's never used as musch as ps3 and even a 360.

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