Infendo Retro Profile: Stunt Race FX

Infendo: "1994 was an interesting year for 16-bit gamers. It was a time of great releases like Super Metroid, Earthworm Jim, and Final Fantasy III. Sadly, like all time periods in gaming history, there were also a good number of games that were produced on the right console but at the wrong time. Stunt Race FX on the Super Nintendo would fall into the category of the latter. It was the first and [for a while] only racing game on the system to feature a fully realized polygonal environment. And as the game's name indicates, it utilized the special SuperFX hardware used in only a few games besides Star Fox. Even so, Stunt Race FX proved to be a game that gave you the bang for your buck, provided that anyone would notice it among the more prominent greats out there."

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Lex Luthor3689d ago

Damn, this game brings back great memories as a kid. I used to LOVE this game especially the little fast coupe.

Great times.