Editorial: LittleBigPlanet - Screwed Over by Sony?

LittleBigPlanet is probably the strongest first party game in Sony's stable, receiving constant mid-to-high 90's review scores. Its strongest praise is for the user created content, despite Sony's draconian, heavyhanded deletion policy. It looks great, and can be enjoyed by young and old - including at the same time with its co-op mode. It should be a system seller. Sackboy should be Sony's flagship mascot, and Sony at this point lacks one - the only character who seems to represent the console is the crying baby from that bad TV commercial.

This editorial looks at five factors towards why LittleBigPlanet hasn't been selling as it should be: Genre, Marketing, Console Price, Release Problems, and Bad Press.

(Latest VGChartz: 390K, projected at 500K for this week.)

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Pennywise3685d ago

This game has an odd release with the recall. A lot of people do not even have it yet. Last weeks sales should be a better reflection on LBP sales.

HighDefinition3685d ago

Will sell more as time progresses, it`s the type of game you need to expierence to grasp it`s "epicness". It`s 100% a system seller.

i am the truth3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I have to admit that sony is crap when it comes to making the public aware of there games.If this was a 360 exlusive it will be in your face 24/7.When MGS4 came out i only saw the advert on T.V like 2-4 times but when halo3/gears1 and 2 came out i saw the advert on T.V like 10-20 times(im serious i really did see it alot and im not trying to be funny)I have not even seen single RESISTANCE2 advert on T.V.The sad part is when more big games comes out like KILLZONE2,GOD OF WAR 3,UNCHARTED2...E.T.C i am %85 sure sony will not make the public aware of it as much as ms dose.

JonahFalcon3685d ago

Resistance 2 has had heavy airplay. There's two huge billboards for it here in NYC, as well as a ton of TV ads on ESPN. Accordingly, Resistance 2 HAS been selling. Fancy that.

lento3685d ago

yes... please start advertising these great games.. they've been givener on motorstorm with commercials but that's all i've seen. get the word out Sony on all your AAA exclusives!

Aclay3685d ago

@i am the truth,

You say that you haven't seen a single Resistance 2 advertisement?

I've seen Resistance 2 commercials several times over the past week or so. You live in Europe and that's probably why you haven't seen any R2 commercials, but Sony HAS been advertising Resistance 2 as well as Motorstorm Pacific Rift and LittleBigPlanet here in the U.S. in T.V. ad's.

I saw a Resistance 2 commercial last night while watching the football game, and that's a prime time for advertising because that's when millions of people are watching.

I'll admit that I have not seen a LBP commercial no more than 2 or 3 times and Sony didn't advertise it extensively, but some advertising is better than no advertising at all. However, LBP has gotten a lot of free advertisement though the Press and from the controversy surrounding the lyrics in one of LBP's levels that led to the game being delayed.

Kaneda3685d ago

Sony is not like Nintendo. They don't want to brand Sony as a one game console or one character console (mascot). They have more than one game. LBP is just one of the best game on their console, and there are more to come from Sony then just LBP...

besides, they don't have money to run advertising like M$...

dexterwang3685d ago

Sorry for the Caps, just so frustrated that both BB and FS in the Vancouver area are sold out. Will have to bus more then 2 hrs just to get the game. argg

Saigon3685d ago

I just want to make this statement...this was a bad article...this article was based of of vgchartz assumptions...we do not know what was truly sold...what i don't get is why won't vgchartz post the amount shipped to retailors...i say that because every time MS has a game that releases this is what vgchartz does...for example look at the GeoW2 numbers, they were not sales those numbers were the total shipped to way you can tell is that the numbers were too even and the other is that in NA and I am sure it goes the same for EU...the numbers can't get reported that fast...this is the same thing that happened with all of MS big have to spin it to win it...

either way people are saying they see no advertising from sony...well thats rubbish...I see LBP commercials, R2 commercials, MS:PR commercials, VC commercials, they are all over the place...I can't go a channel without seeing at least one...also sony is showing their new christmas commercials or holiday commercials...and they are real intriguing...

sony is doing what they need to...the problem is that people need to take off their green shades or stop sipping that green syrup that Microsoft is giving them...

Don't beleive everything you hear...because some companies have to spin it to win it...oh and another example is MS vista commercial...spin it to win it...

earwax3685d ago

Wait for uncharted.....wait for MGS4,wait for R&C tools of destruction........2/3's of all PS3 owners bought it for ONLY BR-dvd proof is is the game sales....I mean LACK of.

Danja3685d ago

Those sales figures from VGcharts only represent 3 days worth of sales , since it's for November 1st , LBP was realsed 3 days prior to thos estimates.

not an entire week...ppl sure love to jump to conclusions...and bash the PS3 when unneccesary.

ultimolu3685d ago

Your name suits you quite well.
I'm pretty sure you have *games* to play so why don't you just play them and stop worrying about sales?

Tony P3685d ago

Yeah, I think the sales figures aren't quite up to speed so far so I won't touch that yet. I don't agree with any other point but the one on marketing.

Genre? I really disagree with that. It seems to suggest that LBP itself doesn't "cater to the 'hardcore demographic'". Maybe I'm being a bit generous with my opinion of core gamers, but I think we tend to know what we're buying beforehand. Which means we know that it's a platformer on the surface...but that the main selling point lies in CREATING YOUR OWN CONTENT. What the heck is casual about spending hours to make your own level?

I watch (US) tv twice a week. TWICE. And even I've seen more R2 commercials than I care to count. And they're excellent, btw. Not the case with LBP. I've seen a few spots (2) that advertise the PS3 in general by displaying a very muted scene of amazed actors and a PS3 game in a reflection of some sort. Twice, the game has been LBP. That's my personal experience. So, imo, yes they could give a great game a better boost in the advertising dept. This game can be great for both casual and core and should be advertised as such.

Thugbot1873685d ago

I will have to say they did very little as to tell what was so exciting about the game to the casual gamer. Not to say the commercials didn’t do well in selling this game to the right audience. In the past Sony has been really good at advertising games, so no clue what went wrong here.

LastDance3685d ago

Ive only read the Genre part of the article and can already say, its not what i would call, accurate. GTA4 is for hardcore and casual gamers alike. Ps3 has buzz and singstar and guitar hero and many others. I wouldnt call ps3 owners a hardcore only demography

SL1M DADDY3685d ago

MGS4 = 4.3 million
R&C:TOD = 2 million
Resistance = 3.5 million
Motorstorm = 4 million
Uncharted = 2 million
GT5 Prolog = 2.5 million

Despite what you say, these sales are not bad at all.

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DJ3685d ago

No sales figures have been released outside of Japan (and even those didn't include the controller bundles). Where are all these articles coming from?

JonahFalcon3685d ago

VGChartz, and its does include Japanese sales. The 500K is worldwide.

tatotiburon3685d ago

and if vgchartz is wrong, the diference will be 100k more or less, and it still lame sells.

LBP is huge and a great game, but sony screw it by a lack of marketing. If this game was released in Nintendo or Xbox the story would be a lot diferent

ravinash3685d ago

Its just a way of letting the product sell it self.
Sony have gotten a lot of free advertising for this game.
The front page of Metro which is a free paper here in London had it full front page for a day as well as other papers.
You just need to get peoples interest enough that they will look into it, and then later people will hear from people who ave played it.
Sales won't take off right away, but there will be a higher steady stream of people as more and more start to play.

I think people just get too wrapped up is this first weeks sales thing, and we know thats not how Sony works.

DarkArcani3685d ago

Think about it. When Guitar Hero first came out, it wasn't a huge instant success and look at it now. Give it time people.

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JonahFalcon3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Once again, this is not a slam on LBP, so stop acting like low sales = bad.

Classic games like Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, System Shock 2, etc all had terrible sales. Meanwhile, how many copies of Deer Hunter have sold again?

LBP *should* have been a 1M first week seller.

Pennywise3685d ago

Sony's marketing is a smaller scale than MS, but this article is lame. No numbers that are legit. Lets look at vgcharts PS3 sales for the year compared to what really sold. VGcharts is junk.

JonahFalcon3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

You claim Sony's ad budget is smaller than MS? Really? How many Sony Viao, HDTV, Blu-Ray ads have you seen? I'd wager tons.

Sony. Is. Far. Bigger. Than. Microsoft.

Resistance 2 is getting MASSIVE saturation.

Then you say the article is lame? Why? Because you think an attack on Sony is an attack on you? Did you even read the article?

(Funny how the first comment on the article at the site so far is a PS3 fan who wishes Sony had put more support behind it. HE doesn't seem to think it's an attack on LBP or the console.)

Death3685d ago

The last fiscal year shows Sony bringing in 88.7 billion http://investing.businesswe... compared to Microsoft's 60 billion http://seattle.bizjournals.... Keep in mind this is revenue and not profits.

As far as the gaming divisions go, Sony should have a much bigger pocket book for games since the Playstation brand has sold in the 100+ million range the last two generations. I would hope they have more money to play with within their division.


Spike473685d ago

I'm sick of these articles that try to make issues or disturb the sucess that LBP really is.

JonahFalcon3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Um, what? That is such a fanboyish comment. How do you define success? Critically? Yes, it is. Artistically? Yes, it is. Financially? NO, IT IS NOT.

You mean the sort of article I reported after this one?

ravinash3685d ago

LBP has been out one week and everyone has been raving about it and your saying its Financially not a success?
How about you wait till some actual numbers come out.