Games for Lunch Review: Gears of War 2

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 Confession time: I bought the original Gears of War and played it exactly once before putting it back in its case and never touching it again. I know ... I'm a horrible person.

0:01 Logos fade into a Gears of War 2 title screen with red gears and skulls and burning and blackness. Par for the course for this type of game.

0:02 The training grounds seem to be about multiplayer matches, so I'm off to muddle my way through the solo campaign.

0:03 The difficulties are Casual, Normal, Hardcore and the locked Insane. Casual is if "you've never played a shooter before" which doesn't quite apply. Normal means "you enjoy playing the occasional shooter" which isn't totally accurate, but is closest.

0:04 "It began, as always, with the desire for power, the need to conquer, the hunger to consume." Humanity fighting an endless battle against itself, then uniting against alien attackers -- but their retaliation causing their own downfall. "To survive is to endure and prosper, and we have most definitely survived." Apparently the narrator is an alien. "In a way, I pity them, but humanity, as always, brought this war upon itself."

0:06 A solider gets wheeled off on a stretcher. "TIP OF THE SPEAR: WELCME TO DELTA" is the first chapter. "It never ends." says the gruff, meaty Sgt. Fenix. "The Gears are moving deeper every day." That's what she said. Really ... though I don't know who she is. "At least we've got reinforcements," says Dom. "Yeah, but for how much longer?" answers Fenix. What dull dialogue...

0:08 We've got a trainee, private Ben Carmine, who is very formal in addressing Sgt. Fenix. "Drop the sir shit, kid. We're not that polite out here. Oh yeah, welcome to Delta." Heh."

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