Games for Lunch Review: Valhalla Knights 2

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I proudly admit to never having heard of the original Valhalla Knights, much less its sequel, but XSEED Games was kind enough to furnish a copy, so away we go!

0:01 But first I have to update my PSP's firmware. Oh Sony ... you are so ridiculously predictable.

0:03 The reason for the new firmware? "New effects have been added to the visual player under 'Music.'" This is why I'm wasting my time? Really?

0:06 Complete. That was relatively painless, actually, probably because it didn't involve any Internet downloading.

0:07 The title appears over a starry field. "The Day of Judgment." Quick images of ethereal clocks and angel wings. "We saw a goddess descend ... she birthed a foul being upon the world and cursed mankind with despair. The gods have forsaken us." Heady orchestral music. Some crystals explode. Two knights look at each other. Extreme close up on their faces. "All for the sake of destroying the gods." Man ... melodrama much?"

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Sure the game may be convoluted and trash, but that doesn't mean your review should be...