Dead Space DLC; PS3 is missing out

EA announced earlier today that the first batch of Dead Space DLC was on the way. The Xbox 360 would see their downloadable content this Thursday (13th November), whilst the PS3 would wait one extra week.

An extra week is no big deal when you're getting a great deal of extra content to purchase, right?

Except it appears Sony's black monolith isn't getting the better part of the available downloads…


Our apologies to all. We got it wrong, but let us explain.

The PR we received had no PSN pricing. Also, when calling EA to ask if the 10 packs were coming to Xbox 360 only they said yes. We can't legislate for bad information, but we can put our hands up and say 'sorry' when we get it wrong.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3659d ago

one week is missing out? It's still coming, ass head.

DolphGB3659d ago

...and you'll see a full list of what the PS3 is missing. It has nothing to do with the date.

GrieverSoul3659d ago

My thoughts exactly! lol

Also, this downladable content, is it?

New Missions?
New Side Quests?
New Game Modes?

So... uhm... whats the point again?!

Noctis Lucis Caelum3659d ago

why don't you read the article to me?

Fishy Fingers3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Edited. Comment corresponded with above.

BlackTar1873659d ago

Am I missing somethjing the stuff is exactly the same for both consoles the difference is date and one is 360 colors one is ps3 colors. both get the same one with a different title.

Tell me what Im missing now that i read the article?

pansenbaer3659d ago


The PS3 is not missing out on anything other than the time.

OH, you wrote this article!?!

Well geeze man, you missed a lot of facts. Did you read the press release from EA?!? Like I said below, the only thing PS3 owners aren't getting is the 360 packs and 360 owners don't get the PS3 packs. PS3 owners still get all that stuff you listed, just a week later.

DolphGB3659d ago

First of all, this isn't the Open Zone, so your comments at the bottom of the thread are not appreciated.

But still I have been asked a question, and a reply is what you'll get.

If you all just read the section that starts with the words "Meanwhile, take a look at the list of downloads that will come to the Xbox 360, one week earlier:", you'll see a massive list of items that are not coming to the PS3.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3659d ago

Good thing I didn't give his website any hits

pansenbaer3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Dolph, that stuff IS coming to the PS3. The way you wrote it and are talking about it, you make it look like it will never come to the PS3, BUT IT IS! Also putting just MS points by it is clearly misleading. It has the price for the PS3 version listed on their website as well.


That is the article. It has PSN and Marketplace Pricing next to each item.

DolphGB3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

...point me to the official statement or PR that says this and we'll update the article.

For the record, I confirmed this with EA today by phone after reading through the DLC announcement three times.

As far as quoting the MS points is concerned, that is all they provided us with in the DLC announcement. We asked for PS3 pricing and EA told us that this wasn't available yet, but would be 'in line with the MS points'.

omni_atlas3659d ago

You look like the james bond chick.

SullyDrake3659d ago

Firstly, the DLC is merely decoration. But that's ok because I'd get it in a heartbeat, as Dead Space is one of my favorite games I've ever played.

Secondly, WTF? Dead Space was lead developed on PS3! And this is EA! The content should be the same all-around!

myothercar3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

DolphGB, you didn't see pansenbaer's post just above yours?

For the 10 packs you think are 360-exclusive, EA lists a PSN price in $ and the XBL price in MS Points. Hint hint: it's multiplatform.

Under "Xbox 360®-Exclusive Packs" there are just 2 items. If the 10 you said were XBL-exclusive like you said they were, there'd be 12 items under the XBL-exclusive section. Hint hint: it's multiplatform.

I don't know who you talked to at EA but they're clueless, because their claim conflicts with the official PR.

MvmntInGrn3659d ago

It is the same all round, this is a BS article. PS3 gets it all on week later.

joydestroy3659d ago

yeah, i'm reporting this as fake! PS3 gets the same stuff just later

BlackTar1873659d ago

Your right I apoligize for the below comment. But please use research as a method to writing.

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joydestroy3659d ago

can't you make a european account, though, and download them still if you're in the US or whatever?

anyway, only the Military and Speed Kills packs interest me. my favorite weapons are the plasma cutter and line gun hands down. the rest suck, except for maybe the pulse rifle. it's not powerful enough but works good for those little things that crawl on the floor after you kill that fat beastly thing.

rogimusprime3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

to basically state the author got some bad info.

I bought dead space DAY ONE. I downloaded the obsidian pack (for free!), might get the scorpion back. The extra suits are cool but I'm not paying anymore money for extra level 5 suits and weapon palette swaps.

I would like some extra modes. Like horde mode in gears. THAT adds some replay value.

If you add up all those downloads through MS points, it almost comes out to 20 bucks. Which is over 80 bucks spent on ONE game after tax. Since when was 59.99 not enough? I love the game as much as the next guy, but I'm not gonna get taken to the cleaners on stuff that doesn't add much value to me.

MediaSpin3603659d ago

Its a rip off, I refuse to pay more than 59.99 for these games as frankly they arent even worth that.

I think this is a simple "selling candy to a baby" scenario. Ps3 has an older crowd that wont tolerate this BS. DLC = ripoff

pansenbaer3659d ago

"The Xbox 360 also gets the two packs the PS3 will enjoy, except they are called ‘Elite’ packs and they are in ‘awesome’ Xbox 360 colours. EA didn’t specify the exact colours in the press release, but if it is the Elite they are modelling, these will probably be jet-black."

"Whether the PS3 will see the other packs in due course is not yet clear."

What? This guy doesn't make any sense. The PS3 is getting everything the 360 is getting. The only difference is that the 'Obsidian and Elite' packs are different colors. They are the same thing, just matching each system. So saying that PS3 owners miss out because they don't get the 'Elite' pack is retarded. 360 owners get a pack specific to their system, PS3 owners get a pack specific to their system. Other than that, both systems get everything.

BlackTar1873659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Is a complete moron. Funny ting is is the elite black? and ps3 black? well that would be weird if they both were black then the differnce wouldnt exist. Correct or no.

Oh hmaybe one is for base black and one is jet black huge differnce: )

pansenbaer3659d ago

Yeah I could see the 360 pack being a matte color and the PS3 being a shiny black.

BlackTar1873659d ago

Is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

You may need to relinquish your Submitting privileges because this screams DUMB

DolphGB3659d ago

...for your intelligent and whitty insight.

Just for the record, the Xbox 360 gets 12 DLC packs next week. The PS3 will receive only 2.

That's 10 packs difference.

This fact is plain and clear in the article, so I'm not exactly sure why you are commenting on the sharpness of my observations...

myothercar3659d ago

The ten packs are multiplatform, how many times did you ignore this?

Diamondwolf3659d ago

On EA's Website (bottom link), they list not only list how much it would cost for PSN/X360 but they didn't mention that the 10 extra non exclusive packs would not be coming to the PS3

This might be why your observational skills are being commented on sir

BlackTar1873659d ago

Even though you didnt help your case by stating incorrect information again in response to my post. You ae correct I came at this wrong and apoligize for anything that may have offended you . Please in the future use research before you start unneccary flame wars .

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