Online Games Redefine Gaming writes: "Yes, we have crossed the threshold. We are entering a future that many in the game industry are still denying and fighting against. We are watching the icon of gaming, the console, quickly and ungraciously bow to the Internet. As difficult as it may be to lose our cultural icon of game play, we must. Gaming is undergoing a major transition.

What? Don't you see the innovation, the rich graphics, the evolution that Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3), and the Wii are facilitating? I can't either. Other than the Wii's delivery of a family gaming experience and inclusion of player action through its controller, the latest console cycle hasn't delivered true innovation. Arguably, the consoles have taken a giant leap backwards."

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3626d ago

Online gaming is old, It never redefine gaming.

Nineball21123626d ago

consoles are dead or dying, at least not yet.

Until you can somehow "rent" game time online through you big ol' high def t.v., I just can't see consoles not being around.

I personally LIKE the fact that I have a physical gaming console and the physical games. "Renting" content just isn't the same for me when it comes to gaming.

I'm almost the complete opposite on movies though. I own a few movies, but once I've seen them, I rarely go back and watch them over again and again.