MotorStorm dev flames target video critics

From CVG:

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift's lead designer Nigel Kershaw has lashed out at those who criticise the use of pre-rendered videos in game presentations.

The original MotorStorm came under HEAVY fire in the early days of PS3, after it was revealed that the clearly stunning unveiling video (compared to real gameplay video) wasn't real game footage, but a CGI 'target video'.

But Kershaw says it's blown out of proportion. "We always do a render. Before you do a game, you do a test render that says, 'This is the game we want to make, now let's go make it.' It's just like writing a game design document," he said.

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DJ3626d ago

In terms of gameplay. But yeah, I don't see them matching the graphics until around 2010. The actual story can be watched on the recently released episode of 1UP Show, and it's pretty funny to listen to Nigel's anecdote.

All that's really missing is the Drivers View.

marinelife93625d ago

I think Guerilla is proving that Evolution could have matched their target render if they went after it. Either way Motorstorm is as fun as all get out.

King_many_layers3625d ago

no way that they would match it. They first off had to build an engine then had to build another engine to support more players on screen. not an easy task for less than 1 and a half years I'm guessing.

GG have been working on the game for about 4-5 years. The engine slightly less but then again I suppose their engine is still work in progress really.

sinncross3626d ago

I have to agree that the pre-rendered vids problem are blown out of proportion.

At the time of announcement, the devs haven't done enough work on the actual game itself to show it off, and its obviously be chosen to be announced at a certain time, such as to help create awareness of upcoming title for a console.

The pre-rendered vid is what they are aiming for, like the dev says, and is probably not a bad thing to show either: 'here, this is what we are aiming for and will try achieve it'.

In many respects, they did well with MS2... heck even KZ2 looks identically close to its original pre-rendered vid.

eXo83625d ago

KZ2 beta is showing me that even the beta product is in most ways BETTER looking than the pre-rendered CG movie.

pp3626d ago

MotorStorm 2 is crap i have more fun playing Pure.

thematrix12983625d ago

Thats because you have sh| are stuck with multi platform!

LiquifiedArt3626d ago

Ya know... I agree with the developer to a point. But It should be clearly Stated it is NOT IN-GAME.

It is false advertising regardless.

SuperM3625d ago

Pss bullshit. Its not hard to see when its CG. People are looking at it the wrong way. If it looks like CG you should expect its CG until they say something else. After all its a much bigger surprise if what looks to be CG is ingame then the other way around. Devs have done this for decades, it really shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone

thematrix12983625d ago

Honestly I agree with developer....almost all games have CG video. Final Fantasy anyone? I can't remember a game without CG scene. Motorstorm 2 looks amazing...

riqued3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Metal gear? Uncharted? Heavy Rain? maybe more

ps: by CG you mean pre-rendered, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.