GamersInfo Review - TouchMaster 2 "I missed the first TouchMaster. This is something of a shame because titles like these have nearly every quality I prefer in my portable games: inexpensive, single-cart multiplayer, short games, lots of games and something my kids can play, too. Alladania's review of the original was pretty glowing; TouchMaster 2 won't be much different.

TouchMaster 2 (T2) is a collection of 20 games - some familiar, some not so much - that can be played in as little as a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on your skill or available time. The 20 games are divided into five categories: cards, action, strategy, picture games and puzzle. A word of warning: There is no tutorial and only minimal in-game explanation on how to play each game, so you'll want to read the instruction booklet on this one!"

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