GamersInfo Review - Murder in the Abbey "I am not a big fan of adventure games. Usually they have you pixel-hunting all over the various screens, solving obscure puzzles within the game's own "twisted" logic - sometimes intriguing but often clichéd plots - and they have you acting like a kleptomaniac. You know: the stuff that might land you in the Betty Ford Clinic for drunken misconduct. However, I do admit that I loved playing Syberia because the game is grounded purely in logic. If you couldn't figure the puzzle out, either you hadn't explored the area well enough or the solution hasn't clicked in yet. And then there's everyone's favorite dog and rabbit Sam and Max. Sure, the game can be a pain to play at times - especially during the first season. But the dialogue is so well-written, it was worth the effort. So, how does a murder mystery weekend in an abbey sound to you? Enter the Adventure Company's game Murder in the Abbey. So, is it worth the energy to explore? Read on to find out.

Since this is a PC game, installation was painless. Once it started. When I initially inserted the CD, I could hear it whirling in my computer's DVD slot, but nothing occurred. I cleaned the CD, reinserted it and eventually had to open the D drive's folder and open the installation application manually. As previously stated, once that occurred, it was smooth sailing. It could be a fluke; that is, my computer is prejudice to the game. Or something else. On the bright side, no disc is needed to be placed inside the computer to be played."

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