Epic's Capps: Make Game Endings DLC!

Epic Games' President Mike Capps has suggested the idea that game developers, in order to curb the sales of secondhand games, start making the endings of games downloadable content, saying "If you want to fight the final boss you go online and pay USD 20, but if you bought the retail version you got it for free".

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Pennywise3626d ago

This company belongs with EA or MS with crap like this coming out their mouth.

DTClown3626d ago

Most of you out there are simple consumers, and being such, I understand your complaints on this issue. But for the few of us that are software developers, you don't know what re-selling does to the creator/manufacturer of the software. Re-selling kills us!

I see this happening with games and it's a very EASY thing to implement, which in turn would be the death of businesses like GameStop. All game developers have to do, is what I do with my software, is make the wording in the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) to state that the end-user does not actually own the software, but instead is licensing it with the understanding that they cannot re-sell it. Put this statement on the back of the box and presto, no more re-selling with out being sued for IP (Intellectual Property) infringement. I bust people all the time trying to resell my software on places like eBay. One simple eMail to eBay, boom...the auction is immediately shut down.

Put yourself in our shoes, if we make a product, especially a product that can be digitally copied, we should be paid for the use of our product. If not, why should I or any other manufacture of any product waste our time just to be ripped off?

Simple, you want for it.

SuperM3626d ago

What a great idea. This way Arcade owners wont get to play the end of the games. Seriously though, i dont want to fill up my harddrive with all kinds of bullshit. And i dont want to stop the game right before the end and then wait a half hour for it to download the friggin ending.

Pennywise3626d ago

So being you are so smart and you are a developer... How do you plan on renters to play your game. If you are developing my games, please let me know. I wont buy it.

renters would have to pay rental fees and then buy your stupid ending?

SRU96003626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I'm sorry, but it's very hard for me to believe these cries of poverty (due to used game sales) when the video game industry continues to have record sales year after year (I believe in 2007 alone they raked in 19 billion dollars and are projected to be generating around 70 billion dollars annually by the year 2012).

3626d ago
hay3626d ago

Only if they drop price of games by those 20usd it may have some minor sense. Anyway, we will be buying incomplete product each time we buy software with such "brilliant" solution. I don't think I like the idea.
Lol, I can see those adverts: "Buy Gears of War 3 now! (endings sold separately)"
BTW, what's wrong with re-seling games? I bought it, it's mine, I can sell it if I want to someone or shop. I know it may harm sales but If they do that way I might consider buying less games since most I finish I sell cause they don't have much more valuse for me.

barom3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

If you want your product to sell, then make a good product. It's simple as that. Don't attack your existing customers because of some "potential" customers. When we buy products, we want to buy the right to own them. We don't buy them just to get the right to use them. We want to do whatever we want with it. Whether it's to give, sell or lend it to someone. That's our business and none of yours. This is the way it has been done in all ages and what we've accustomed to. You just don't take that away.

If you want to sell your products, then let us buy them. Easy as that.

The Matrix3626d ago

Good idea! Developers are already delivering unfinished games that need a few updates of DLC to make them complete. Why not start making games WITHOUT endings and then release the endings later.

Wow, brilliant.

DTClown3626d ago

I am NOT for selling the ending of a game separately. I AM for installing an end user agreement of use of the software. I AM for not allowing the resale of said software.

For all of you who say "I bought it, I should be able to copy it, resell it, whatever I want with it..." I would suggest you develop a product and have one customer take away 10 or more customers from you by coping it or reselling it. Then you might understand.

For those you think "The developers make enough money...blah blah blah..." I don't care how much money they make, they/we deserve to be paid for each copy...period. It's OUR work, OUR art, and I/we will set the terms on which you can experience it. Don't like it, don't buy it. Simple.

By the way, most software companies DO NOT allow for transferrable license's. MS, Adobe, Apple,... but the professionals who use software from these companies understand that and accept it. It's just simply part of doing business. (probably because we are professionals and not some cry baby punk who thinks the world is owed to them.)

YonasJonas3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Your whole mindset is just wrong. If someone goes out, and buys an automobile or any other PRODUCT shouldn't they have the right to resell if if they so choose? Games are ridiculously expensive these days. If you don't want people reselling your game than make it worthwhile to keep. Otherwise people are just going to start renting your games instead. Why would I pay 60 bucks or so to license a game when renting is the exact same thing, but cheaper? I've made the mistake far too many times of going out, and buying a 6-10 hour game with zero replay value, but I won't be dooped again I'll tell you that much.

Also another thing I find funny is people like you fail to understand the money that is given back to the customer from reselling is most likely being cycled back into gaming. People don't always have $60 bucks lying around to go buy any game they feel like. When I resell games I get store cred because otherwise they give me practically nothing, which I then intern buy another game with that I wouldn't have had all the money to pay for otherwise. I don't know if you know this or not bro, but the world economy is not looking so hot right now, but guess what? The game industry has never looked better. Whose the cry baby now huh?

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chaosatom3626d ago

that would be super gay.

Sarick3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

This is the old reliable shareware concept. I can see why he made this suggestion it's how shareware was distributed to make money. When epic first started this was how they made their money. Same with ID software etc. They'd make the first episode shareware and the rest purchasable content. Hook the player then leave them with a cliffhanger.

Either they'd buy/pirate the game or they wouldn't see the ending. Solar Winds for example. The first episode would be distributed as shareware episode two "game ending" would be on later episodes. It was considered licensed content.

I can see where it'd work if the companies sold demo disk for nearly nothing but selling a blu-ray for $60 then making it have a forced download or key to unlock it is just another form of COPY protection.

I think at this point DEVs are starting to see resold games as a loophole to legal piracy. They don't want even one person to experience the full game if they didn't pay for it. The concern is when Gamestop buys a used copy for 10% the new copy was sold again for 90% of a new copy. The used copy is then resold losing royalties they'd normally earn from each copy sold. Used games often earn more then twice the profit over sealed products.

They also see rentals as a downside. If a gamer can rent a game for $5 and beat it in a weekend that gamer that could've paid $60 for a new copy and profit the developer. Let's look at rentals. If the rental location distributes it to over 12 people that fully experience the content each rental after that is direct profit to the rental place and not to the developer.

So yea they want to do like DClown force people to pay for the content completely if they want to experience it. DClown thinks they have no rights to experience it if they're not the original owner. This is why he uses licenses.

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Pebz3626d ago

I hope the N4G pic used for this article is how he looked like when he came up with that idea, cause if he wasn't completely wasted, he is simply batshit insane.