Why You Can't Trust User Reviews

Split-Screen writes: "If you're a Gears of Wars 2 fan, you may be flummoxed to see it rated a measly 6.1 in reader scores on Metacritic. Ditto if you're a LittleBigPlanet fan - it scored a wimpy 6.2 in reader scores on the same site. If the recent shake-up in user reviews has taught us anything, it's that the majority of reader reviews can't be trusted."

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Arcturus3683d ago

i never trust user reviews ever. make your own damn decisions.

VampHuntD3683d ago

No review can really be trusted. "Professional" reviewers are still just people that game and happen to get paid for writing a review. The amount of bias may be less, but it's still present.

As always, play the game yourself and make your own call. Or talk to someone whose opinion you trust since your tastes are like their own from past experience.

Socom3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Neither can so called "professional" sites who are in reality extremely biased.

The lack of clear uniform code of how to base a score, means that all these reviews are rigged.

What in one game is considered a massive flaw to the point where points are deducted are overlooked and not even mentioned in other games.

The reality is that the current state of reviews sites stinks:
- different standards apply for different versions of the same game, is a reality, ie if the PS3 version looks a little worse, its rated down. But if the 360 version looks somewhat worse, the scores are the same.
- a flaw in one game leads to a deduction of points but in another game, its not even mentioned. ie how Resistance 2 was robbed of points over insignificant issues like a few glitches. But the same shiat aint even mentioned in games like Fable 2 and GeOW2 which are filled with bugs and game destroying glitches.
- when certain games are hyped to be the sole reason for owning one console, and when that same game is coming out for that other console a year later, its suddenly "not a reason to own the other console" but "proof that the other console stinks". Ie Bioshock being 360s game of the year 2007 and suddenly a year later, its the ultimate proof that the PS3 sucks (because a big daddy has lesser textures when up close lmao - I swear, you would think MS paid certain people to look for these things or something because the shiat thats being debated on the freakin net is fking hilarious).
- when technical superiority means absolutely nothing on the PS3 but on the other console its "always the reason why the PS3 sucks". Ie. when Resistance 2 pulls off something noone else can do, not one of these review sites mention it. When MGS4, Uncharted, GT5 and KZ2 do the impossible in console graphics, its insignificant.
- where bugs, glitches, server issues to the point of unplayability, is ignored fully on the 360 by all these review sites. But at the same time, its the sole reason to rate down games like SOCOM on the PS3.

Yes, reviews cant be trusted. Not one of them. A stock in General Motors can never outperform a stock in Google. Never.

kevnb3683d ago

I see what you are saying, but you are being completely one-sided and conspiracy theory like.

Bubble Buddy3683d ago

There's not much difference to User and Critic reviews if you think about it. Sure User might be more bias, but other than that, we're all human...

funkysolo3683d ago

I agree with you...Socom was deducted points for glitches, but gears2 has even worst glitches but noone mentions them. Gears2 is almost unplayable, by far the worst matchmaking system out there, if you think I'm making this up, please what AAA title has a worst matchmaking system, none.... Gears2 you spend more time looking for a game than actually playing in one. gears is the only reason i have a 360 and I can't recommend it to anyone, the online portion is so broken ...They should just stick to gears1 online setup, easy to find a game, different choices and if you want to play a rank game, easy enough to get into one...fanboys will stick up for it no matter what, it's sad that gaming has come to this

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el_bandito3683d ago

I always thought that letting users do their own reviews during this "console-war" generation was a bad idea to begin with. Even worse,you let them the freedom to give scores. When fanboys smell blood they go for the kill.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3683d ago

I trust users opinion more than the media.

Panthers3683d ago

I trust friends. Usually that would be it. I also read what the game is about and how it works.

UltimateIdiot9113683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I don't trust all my friends on what games to get. They have their own bias and preference. I have friends who tend to side more with the 360 than PS3. I also have friends who side more with the PS3. But I don't trust either one even if they have the same taste. I use trailers/demos/gameplay reviews (not score) to get an idea about the game but most importantly my own judgement.

Kratos Spartan3683d ago

I trust my opinions...that's it

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