170° Resistance 2 gives PS3 devs a blueprint for online play (Review)

Back in 2006, Gears of War and Resistance went head-to-head as the two big shooters for the holidays. The former was the first big game for Microsoft's then year-old Xbox 360 while the latter was the product of famed developer Insomniac and the only truly excellent launch title for the PlayStation 3. Now, two years later, the two are doing battle once again. We've looked at Gears of War 2-now it's time to check out Resistance 2.

Insomniac has an impressive resume of hits, and Resistance 2 clearly has earned a spot on that list. This is a game that manages to improve upon its predecessor in every conceivable way. Even though the game's campaign is a bit dry, the competitive multiplayer action and the addictive co-op will keep this game disk in PS3s for some time to come. Guerrilla Games is going to be hard-pressed to top this with Killzone 2, set to be released in early 2009. We're willing to go on record as saying that this game is better than Gears of War 2 in many ways, and could very well be the best shooter of the year.

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Pennywise3658d ago

They have done a very good job at the online. Only problem I see if you cant click your friends name and join room.

Mr_Bun3658d ago

The game is amazing, but I disagree with the single player review. I find the single player to be amazing...especially with the draw distance! You really get a feel for the size of each level and how insignificant you feel in comparison to the Massive enemies as well as the enemy ships that are hovering in real-time. There was a point in one of the levels where I stood upon a roof top and could see 3 or 4 'Mother ships' that had to be 500 feet in height at a distance of at least a couple of miles away from me. Yet when I zoomed in with my scope, I could still see an incredible amount of detail and see also, that these ships were, in fact, moving...Just left me speechless!

shine13963658d ago

the technical grafting in this game is pretty remarkable. Its not so much the skin level, its the things under the hood. Insomniacs game engine is pretty advanced.
There are people who just don't like the art style.

Pennywise3658d ago

With the crazy fast pace action, how are people having time to stop and examine the textures?

This game is miles ahead of the first.

Nineball21123658d ago

Yeah, it's extremely fast paced. Almost, too much so. I find myself looking at all of the stuff going on and I miss a lot of the dialogue going on.

I'm definately going to be playing the SP through several times not only for the dialogue but also for all of the trophies!!

Mr_Bun3658d ago

It is definitely one of those games that as soon as you start, you know that you are going to be replaying it again once you finish!

Nineball21123658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Absolutely!! I just can't get over how much content is packed into this game. It's almost a bargain at $60.00 imo.

I have no qualms paying that much for this kind of game that has this much content in all areas.

meepmoopmeep3658d ago


yeah, i totally miss out on the dialogue watching and shooting the crap out of the bombardment of enemies coming at you.

i'll pay more attention to the story/dialogue on my 2nd go.

no time to stop and take pictures... just shoot, shoot, shoot, 'nade

anh_duong3658d ago

"We're willing to go on record as saying that this game is better than Gears of War 2 in many ways, and could very well be the best shooter of the year. "

seems like praise indeed. i haven't played the game so can't comment.

lukewind3658d ago

Better then Gears? I seriously don't think they stand a chance there. The game is good but the MP has been a disappointment for a lot of people. The only reason the fanboys defend the MP is because they don't know what a good MP game is! If you eat s*$#t for ten years eating mud would probably taste good compared.

The single player is great, but this game will not win any GOTY at all, it just doesn't have anything new enough. I don't think Gears 2 will win either but I do think that Gears 2 MP is miles ahead of Resistance 2...miles!

Pennywise3658d ago

lukewarm... I cant wait to hear more of your insightful intelligent comments. Oh wait - you used your two bubbles.

anh_duong3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

luke, what is the best exclusive multiplayer game on the xbox - and i am talking about the multiplayer component? do you think these exclusive multiplayer games are anything better than what is currently out there?

how unique is gears and halo 3 multiplayer? what does geow 2 and halo 3 offer that is, by your own definition, "new" as compared to r2?

fact is: if you have never played r2 then your comments makes you look a little ignorant - especially when you say that r2 offers nothing new.

btw i currently own gears 1&2, fable 2, halo 3 etc etc.

Mr_Bun3658d ago

The truth is that PS3 games are held to higher standards than the 360. When you have a game that is identical on each console, the PS3 usually scores lower because the reviewers know what the PS3 is capable of.

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Why o why3658d ago

we have to wait till the end of the month out here in Europe

EnglishPatriot3657d ago

yeah its retarded we get it soo late and that bastard Zerodin may have spoiled the ending for me just hope it not true though. Any way still looking forward to the co-op and competetive MP.

Remember The Fallen 11/11/1918

Nathaniel_Drake3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Why do reviewers keep saying the campaign is a bit dry, I am on the 3rd chapter and it just keeps getting better, I love the part....SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where you get into the theater and there are all those grims coming down the aisle, freakin sweet

himdeel3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

...the story is fine. Especially if you played the first game. I feel like it's relating the story back to the original game in bit size pieces. This is an awesome Sci-Fi shooter and the story that is there is on par with many a Sci-Fi movie I've enjoyed on a Saturday afternoon.

While I do think it's true they could've developed the story around the squad a bit more, I frankly didn't really care about them. However I was always glad when they were around to shoot at/and distract enemies when I'm busy scrambling for cover.

Every time I read a review that says the story is blah I think to myself they didn't play through the first game or they were too busy ogling the on screen action to listen to the story that was there. Likewise the story is easier to miss IF you're expecting that woman from the first game to give you an overview and objectives between missions. Nevertheless, the story happens while in game through your third person perspective, during quick movies BUT mostly during the game via dialog between you an other NPCs.

Finally the whole AI situation where enemies only target you is weird at times but it doesn't happen all the time like I was expecting after reading some good and bogus reviews of R2. It does happen at times where it shouldn't and if Insomnia added a patch to tweak the AI it would definitely be an even BETTER game than it already is.

ThanatosDMC3658d ago

The AI targets everyone. But Hale IS the main target. The guy controlling the chimeras is blah blah blah for Hale. Wont spoil it for you.

Sentinels actually fight back. There were many times they saved me from the armored Hybrids that carry Bullseye Mark II guns.

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