Screen Play Review: World of Goo

Jason Hill writes:

"Walk past your local games store at the moment and you can almost hear the shelves groaning under the weight of the Christmas crackers that are causing gamers everywhere to max out their credit cards and forgo sleep.

But World of Goo, quietly released online a couple of weeks ago by new developer 2D Boy, is another great example of how the most interesting and innovative games will increasingly come from the independent fringe rather than risk-adverse major publishers. It's an absolute delight.

World of Goo is a simple yet ingenious puzzle-based construction game that players of all ages can enjoy. But it's certainly not easy: the challenges soon get very tricky, and there are "OCD" benchmarks for masochists.

The goal is usually to build a structure that can transport your precious globules from your starting structure to a pipe elsewhere in the level, avoiding obstacles like spikes and spinning windmills.

Constructing structures like teetering towers and bridges is intuitive and immediately
satisfying, but the Goo's elasticity combined with the realistic physics ensures you are constantly on edge, hoping your constantly wobbling house of cards won't collapse into a heap."

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