Harmonix: music creation can't be half-arsed

The lead designer on Rock Band 2 says that Harmonix wants to let gamers create and share their own music, but wants it to be "an authentic experience".

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MasterChief36243685d ago

I'm very glad that Harmonix is not rushing out this kind of thing to compete with Neversoft. It sounds like they'll take their time on it, and as with anything Harmonix, I'm sure it will be incredible.


Siesser3685d ago

I was sad it wasn't in Rock Band 2, as it seems the natural next step to add, but that they're considering it at all is what I need to hear. When Red Octane and Harmonix split, Harmonix was the easy dev to back. I've had MTV Music Generators 1 through 3, Frequency, Amplitude, and the first two GHs. Harmnix has never done me wrong; they know what they're doing.