Johnny Napalm figure beats off Master Chief in most wanted toy list

Marcflane Toys has just unveiled its top 10 holiday list which includes 10 action figures that are reassured not to break your budget. Topping the list is Johnny Napalm (Guitar Hero), while Master Chief (Halo 3) finds himself in second place. There's also places for the British Special Ops Soldier from Call of Duty and the God of Rock.

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Pennywise3662d ago

Johnny Napalm must be an xbox fanboy... These kids have been beating off master chief for years!

Mr_Bun3662d ago

I thought it was the 15 year olds that beat themselves off to pictures of Cliffy holding his 'gun'!?!

Pennywise3662d ago

Nono, Its cliffy B having 15 yr olds beat off his gun.

Mr_Bun3662d ago

That would explain why everyone is trying to get their hands on Cliffy's 'gun'...I didn't realize that it was a clever metaphor.

Keele3662d ago

If he has 15 year olds beat off his gun you two must be his regulars.

Mr_Bun3662d ago

That was clever... insinuating that I am a teenager. I wonder if you used both brain cells to come up with that insult. Don't get jealous, I am sure the time you spend with Cliffy doesn't make it any less 'Epic'!

Pennywise3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

H A H A... What a very sad attempt of being witty. You cant enter the thread with a weak attempt like that. I am not 15 and I do not like twinkyB.

@keele - I wont even waste another bubble responding to you, so here ya go:

You must be CliffyB. Dont get so hurt... you did it to yourself with your interviews.

Keele3662d ago

Heres how I thought of it.. unlike you I haven't two braincells.. I have trillions. I KNOW RIGHT?? TRILLIONS!?!? To you I must be like EINSTEIN. But anyway that is our difference.

Oh.. and jealous? Of you and Cliffy? You know I'm too good for that guy. That's good news for you though, more Cliffy for you and your homosexual friend. Yes, Penny, that's you.

Mr_Bun3662d ago

Considering the "Glencoe Health 2nd Edition" states that the average brain "contains nearly 100 billion cells".

What is also impressive is that with all those brain cells, this is how you choose to use them...

For the record, the fact that I don't like ¢o¢ks in my mouth, is another "difference"

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Mr_Bun3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I am not surprised the "Master" got "beat off"

Parapraxis3662d ago

LOL! "Johnny Napalm figure beats off Master Chief"
It's "beats out" not "beats off".

Makes for a good laugh though.

Pennywise3662d ago

First thing I noticed. I had to comment!! Too funny.

Kight3662d ago

Geez, nice choice of wording there.

bunbun7773662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

this one:

Pennywise3662d ago

lol bunbun!!!!! Dont these people think before they write?

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