Women scarce in the video game business

As a top executive at one of the world's biggest video game publishers, Kathy Vrabeck often completes an entire workday without meeting with another woman. And her employer, Electronic Arts, is less of a boy's club than many of its peers.

The video game industry is flourishing, especially in California, as sales continue to climb despite a faltering economy. But the hiring has largely bypassed women. They comprise fewer than one in five workers in the business, according to a 2007 survey by Game Developer magazine. Among game programmers, the number is 3 percent.

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d_dogg20073684d ago

Who cares. Women dont always have to be doing what men are doing. If you find yourself surrounded by men and dont like that then just find something else. Men created the video games industry if you want to break into it stop using the sexist card all the time and create something worthwhile just like a lot of men before you have done. Always use the sexist card for everything.