New Ending Created For Chrono Trigger DS

Alternate closures in Chrono Trigger ranged vastly from a cat filled parade in Crono's honor to everyone turning into reptiles. In addition to new dungeons and a monster arena, there is a brand new ending to find in the DS version of Chrono Trigger. Details about the ending have obviously not been announced aside from a two screenshots like this one of Marle, Frog, and Crono staring at a time gate.

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PS360WII3658d ago

Oh very cool. Least it's a little more than some stylus controls and a new dungeon.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3658d ago

oh snap, i accidently agree with you, i mean't to disagree.

PS360WII3658d ago

new ending not good enough to go along with new dungeons and controls? I suppose can't please everyone.

Foxgod3658d ago

personally i would have liked a bit more extra's too.
Because in the old snes era, i must have played trough this game like 30 times.

You can understand that after having finished this game so many times, that i wont play trough it again without a major overhaul.

kevnb3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

but alot of people haven't played this classic, and to find a legit snes copy is pretty hard. The psx port is a bit underwhelming (lags when entering battle).

Foxgod3658d ago

people who havent played it yet should have a blast with it, its my fav rpg together with xenogears.

hopefully there will be a next gen Chrono, or even better, a Chrono Trigger - 2.

FF10 had a sequel, would be cool if Chrono trigger had one.

kevnb3658d ago

chrono cross was based on events caused by the events in chrono trigger. Chrono Cross is an awesome game many times overlooked by fans.

Socom3658d ago

And that 80% of the game is still the same.

So basically, they want me to purchase a DS for a 14 year old game which I already finished 11 times...

I paid 250 bucks for this game WAAAAYYYYYY back on the SNES.
I aint paying that amount twice.

So yes, if you havent played this game yet, this is a classic.
To me however, this is a bad deal.

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Foxgod3658d ago

howabout those final fantasy 4 and 5 remakes :) ?

hopefully SE will do a 3d DS remake of FFVI

kevnb3658d ago

I haven't even played 4 yet, that might be my first purchase.

Foxgod3658d ago

FF was great, and the 3d remake for the DS stayed very close to it, so have fun with it :)

DarkBlood3658d ago

never played the final fantasy games in the snes so i have to say ff3 is great ff tastic 2 is fun and i discovered the tastic game on playstation and i have the ff 12 revalvent wings which i honesly thought was going to be another turn base game as i hoped with a new story but i enjoyed it pretty fun now i can't wait for
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