Jason Chen on why the New Xbox Experience won't sell Xboxes

Jason Chen, editor of Gizmodo, says: "The complete user interface overhaul of the Xbox 360 is almost upon us. Come late November, every single Xbox user will have their familiar blade interface - oft touted as a smart design choice because it mirrored the "inhaling" shape of the console itself - changed to an entirely different navigational structure. A structure, in our opinion, that seems to be a lot less structured and a lot more free-form. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it even matter?"

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jaysquared3688d ago

I dont think MS made this to be a system seller. Gamers buy consoles to play games not to play with the User Interface. Gamers dont care about Miis/Avatars or Home. They care about games..

InMyOpinion3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Not Jason Chen. He is all about interfaces, big TV's, top-end HiFi and tiny d...

ceedubya93688d ago

I'm in complete agreement with you Jay.

Bnet3433688d ago

lol Gizmodo. Go back to humping your iPhone.

Milky Joe3688d ago

But if MS didn't do it to sell systems, what did they do it for?

I think MS developed this to attract the casual gamer. What no one seems to realise though is that people don't buy the Wii because of all the neat features it's got, they buy it because it's a Wii. The 360 won't be able to tap into the casual market because, surprisingly enough, the 360 ISN'T a Wii. That goes for the PS3 as well before anyone tries to take offence at this.

Unless MS make waggle sticks, buy the Mario franchise from Nintendo, produce their own Xbox FIT games and recase the 360 in a Wii-esque shell they won't make any impact on the Wii-hungry market. Simple as that.

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Monchichi0253688d ago

Besides being poorly written, it doesn't support anything. His only arguement was "Ask yourself this, did you buy your console for the interface or for the games?"

It's not that simple. Consumers are a lot more complicated then this. I myself have spoken with 3 people who will be picking up the 360 because of the new Netflix deal. There not huge into gaming,but being able to stream movies to there T.V.'s easily sold them.

The Lazy One3688d ago

That this system is going to support XNA community games, making the XBLA library practically explode, and xbox primetime, which provides free games for real prizes.

Nobody's going to care much about the interface as a selling point, but the added customization and features will sell consoles. If you just look at it as a new way to scroll through menus, you need to go back and look at everything that's coming with it.

dylantalon3688d ago

one of the reason my chick bought a PS3 for herself was because of PS3 home. my point is this, nxe sucks, and wii's mii character customization sucks. they have all been killzOWNED, another thing i must say, gears of war 2 sucks more than gears of war 1, it might just be me but gears 2 is rubbis.,i do like the graphics and thats it, reminds me a lot of a backyard bar-b-q,cause the back-ground is full of smoke,my opinion.killzone 2 is the best shooter game in the world,it even looks more realistic than the iraq war even visually. xbl- dylantalon. psn - dylantalon.

ps. the talon stands for talented.

edhe3688d ago

...and i'm trying to rid you of it.


anyway no they won't get sellthrough of this unless they put out an ad-campaign that's large.

It'll improve word of mouth effect though.

P4KY B3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

everyone should click show and read dylantalons comment.

He is the reason padded cells shouldn't have internet access.

AngryHippo3688d ago

.....article. Its not trying to sell xbox's. The games do that, why don't people seem to realise that its games that sell consoles. PS3 and blu ray i can understand, but Home, Mii's and the NXE are NOT system sellers.

whoelse3688d ago

Home is different. When you see Home, you want to try it out! When you see NXE, its just an interface. Home and NXE are completly different and until Home gets released, they will continue to get compared to each other when they are very different.

ASSASSYN 36o3688d ago

Can't the same argument be applied to home. What is the point of user interfaces? It has never been advertised to potential buyers. Everything I have seen has been directed at current 360 owners for participants online and offline.

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